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who has advice on baby sleeping? Lock Rss

I have a nine month old who needs to learn to sleep through the night, at least most of it.
I blantetly refuse to do the sleeping method of leaving baby to cry 5,10,15 mins.
It doesn't work for her and I will not do that anymore.
Who else has conqured this task at hand and what else did you try?
In the end we may just put up with it till she reaches a riper age.. who knows.. 2,3,4 years and grows out of it. (Or so we assume)
How often does baby wake?
hi i have a 9 month old also, he has sleep through the night since he was six months old. however he does not sleep well during the day i have found that putting him to bed with a teddy bear or maybe a blanket he is fond of works like a charm, he drops off to sleep in no time and i go in about 15mins later and take it out. that has worked well for me, it might also work for your daughter.
good luck.
My 14month still doesn't sleep throught the night and like you I won't let him cry, I live in a unit and he only seems to get worse the times I have left him. I have also tried just going in to put his dummy in etc but this doesn't work either, he is still having 4 x 175ml bottles per 24hrs and after taking one away I have found that he will sleep for about 7hrs before I he wakes again, usually about 2:30am. I am going to take another bottle away soon but want to start weening him to cows milk. I have tried weening him but he just simply won't drink it - he really doesn't like it. So for the time being I am having to spend $30 per week on toddler formula which is getting very costly. My sisters babe at 16months doesn't sleep at all during the day but sleeps straight through from 6pm till 7:30am, my sister in laws baby sleeps through but wakes at 5am without a doubt and sleeps for about 1 hour during the day. My babe has about 2 hours during the day and wakes up to two times during the night. I just believe that these are all variations on what type of baby you have, eg. the night sleeper - no day sleep, the early morning riser and the day sleeper - night waker. I have just learnt to cope with waking up and find it easier to get up for 10mins that let him cry. As he gets older I am assuming that he will understand not to call upon me during the night. I would also like to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience.
Hi my name is joanne courts,
My son is five onths old and well he was waking during the night for awhile but soon as i started giving him solids ithelped a bit but he still woke during the night but one night i thought if he crys during the night the best thing to do is let him cry he might cry for hours if so i changed his nappy nursed him for abit then when he was a sleep put him down then if he cried let him cry and well one night he cryed then he stopped and since that night he realised that i wasnt going to get up and now he sleeps from 9.30pm till 6.30am and he has 2 feeds per day and 5 bottles.

joanne vic 4mth baby

I have an 8 month old daughter and she's now sleeping through the night and has been for a month. I found letting her cry was terrible too so i tried giving her more food.Later afternoon i give her dinner, then just before putting her into bed, we sit and i give her a bottle and she'll drink as much as she possibly can then she'll sleep through the night. I let her cry during the day and she worked out that after one day of not pandering to her, she wouldn't get her own way so just stopped and slept. ALso, there is a place i believe in all states, where the doctor can recommend a place to go whereby you stay for about 4 or 5 days and the midwives there help you get baby to sleep properly. A friend had a baby who slept 15 mins in the morn, 1/2 hour at lunch and then not again until maybe 10 or 11pm at night and she went to one of these places...not her baby sleeps from 6:30pm, to 5-6am every night just like mine does. Hope that helps and good luck.
HI! I have a little girl who is almost 10 months, i also cant bear her crying in the night, and she just seems to get more worked up and sobs for hours once iv picked her up. Im a firm believer in wrapping, i wrapped her very tight from day one and as she grew we moved into a safety sleep that straps round her middle, she is still in this but I find it really good. I thought possibly your daughter wakes herself up?? well thats my daughters problem anyway so I keep her strapped into her safety sleep tightly, now if ever she does wake its because she has undone it or has managed to wriggle onto her tummy, so i just undo it, turn her over do it up and giver her a teddy to cuddle to keep her hands busy and she goes straight back to sleep. now on a good night, she sleeps from 7:30pm till 8am and its the best thing ever, although a few nights a week i get up to straighten her up but its worth it for the good night sleeps i recieve smile good luck!

NZ mum to 10 mnth old girl!!

Valuable, (thats a great name)

I know you said you wouldn't try the controlled crying again - I'm just wondering what method you used (as you said 5, 10, 15)

the Its time to sleep version which is advertised on this site worked for us as its 2,4,6,8,10 mins which does seem to go quickly. we tried it for B at 6/7 mths and it worked a treat but after teething and such we ended up with him in our bed every night and it was just not right for us anymore.

So we went back to the Its time to sleep video which I found the best cos you can SEE what they are telling you to do ( iwas one of those people that thought CC was leaving them to scream all night!!)

Anyway its been just over a week and its def working again - its harder than last time but we rarely get to the 10 mins crying and in the day time I never have to go in to him to settle.

Anyway just a suggestion,, but what I did find that if you do start something like this you can't go back on it as you'll undo the good you've started.

Good luck smile


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy


My eldest was a shocking sleeper at night. He would go down during the day without a fuss but would wake several times during the night. He was pretty good until an o/s holiday at 6m interferred with everything.

I finally sorted him out at 15 months because i couldn't pander to him anymore. I was 9 months pregnant, couldn't move properly because bubs was on my syatic nerve, had a blood clot in my leg that was supposed to be elevated and hubby was on nightshift! When he cried i gave him a cuddle, and put him down again. After my third attempt i just told him that he was fine, Mummy was buggered and she wasn't coming out again. I gave him a kiss, tucked him in and left. I did have the monitor on in my room and several times he cried. I would watch the clock as i had vowed to myself that i wouldn't leave him for more than 10 minutes. The checky thing would cry for 8 minutes, stop, talk to himself, another 8 minutes of half-hearted crying, talking, etc, for about 1 hour. Then he went to sleep.

We haven't had a problem since, except for the night before his teeth cut! He'll wake several times calling out for Mummy. Richard and i'll be swearing, wondering what's wrong and the next day a tooth appears like magic!

I know i probably haven't helped, but at least you know that there are plenty of people out there who are awake at the same time!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

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