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8 mth old not sleeping, help Rss

My 8 mth old has never been a very good sleeper either day or night, there was a period between 4 and 6 mths where he slept through the night, but since then he wakes any where between 2 up to 10 times a night. Went to Tweedle day stay program for modified control comforting which has worked on his day sleeps but not his night sleeps. Have been away for 10 days in QLD and he slept through every night we were away in the porta cot - what a pleasant break, have been back from holidays 3 days and the waking has started again. I think he wakes when he moves around in his cot and then bangs his head on the wooden cot and wakes himself - thought that was the answer , put him in the porta cot last night to get a good nights sleep and prove our theory right - WRONG, he woke 4 times again.

Help any suggestions - he is not wrapped and sleeps in a sleeping bag.

mum of 2

Does he have a dummy? How long do you leave him before going into to him at night? Does he cry or just grizzle?

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

same same...i worte about my baby girl 8 mth old...i think most of babies dont sleep good so dont worry about other stories of sleeping through...we went away to qld ass well and it wasnt a holiday at all.she woke up 8 times a night.the problem is every time we change location they need to get used to it and back to is hard for them as babe still wake up at night.i breast feed her when ever she want and im not worry about the moment im not working-im but at home with my baby .so what im trying to tell you take it easy.between 6-9 mth it is a crucial time for them.i also went over seas with her 4 6 weeks and that was a big change for her as well then she slept good but when i came back home it was back to normal-waking up again.....
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