We have just returned from 4 weeks in the UK and now have a baby whose sleep routine is all over the place.
Joe used to go to bed at about 7.30pm and we wouldnt hear from him until about 6.30am
While we were away he did have some nights were he slept through, but we might a a full nights sleep followed by a night were we would be up 3 times followed by a full nights sleep and so on.
Now that we are home he is sleeping fine during the day it is night time that is the problem - Joe wakes at about 2am and will not go back to sleep for at least 1.5 hours, sometimes 2 hours.
We have not been letting him get up to play as we dont want this to become a habit - but what it means is 1.5 hours of tears and one very unhappy baby. He thinks he is ready for play and by all accounts when we go in he is standing up in his cot wide awake - so we give him a cuddle and then the fun begins......
I have read that babies dont suffer from jetlag - but I dont agree and am hoping that someone has some tips to help me please. So far we have been back 4 nights and I know that this may take a few more nights of tears but I really want to get on top of this asap so it doesnt get any worse.
Thanks in advance!!