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baby only goes to sleep on the boob Lock Rss


my girl used to be like that when she was younger too (shes 10months old now) and i know what you are going through! Its so tiring aye! Emily used to feed off me constantly and when i would put her in her cot to sleep she would wake up straight away and start to cry!

To get her to stop being fed to sleep i tried other ways like waiting till she was tired and then taking her for a walk in her pram or a drive in the car so she would go to sleep without feeding. I know it sounds like a huge hassel, but i did this for about a week and found she would settle herself to bed alot easier because maybe she knew how to put herself to sleep? I dont know what it was but it seemed to help.

After that i let her spend alot of time in her cot so she got comfortable and used to it, i would put her in there and i would stay in the room with her so that she knew i was there and wouldnt get to distressed. Every now and then i would leave her for a couple of minutes and then come back in. I think that her knowing i would come back was soothing to her and she starting putting herself to sleep quite well.

I cant offer you much advice about the night though, because that is a completly different story!

I hope all goes well for you smile

Hi Jessica. Have you tried a dummy as maybe she finds the sucking motion comforting?

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

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