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Consistent long day nap??? Rss

Anyone know how to encourage at least one long sleep a day. Sonja will occasionally have one but more often than not she wont. She was a great day sleeper untill 12 weeks when she became a napper and hasn't really improved.

She will almost always have a short first nap at about 9am then she goes down again at about 12. She will usually only have a short one these days which means I have to try to get her to have another one in the arvo which lately has become a real struggle. It's so nice when she has a longer sleep as she lasts till bedtime and is much happier. When she wakes up I don't know how to convince her to go back to sleep, she'll end up screaming if I leave her in there or try to re-settle her. She always goes off to sleep (apart from that last nap of the day) with almost no troubles at all and sleeps right through the night so it's not a self settling issue.

Any ideas? Will it become longer as she gets older and goes to one sleep? So many babies seem to have 2 2hr sleeps at this age sad .
Like today... Awake at 6am, nap between 8:30 - 9:30 am, bed again 11:45am... woke up at 12:30 :@ . Tried to get her to sleep at 2:30pm, no chance - screams till she just about chokes! It's now 3:15pm. So without a nap before bed she would be awake 5 and a half hours!
Hi! Carline,

Our daughter was always a napper as well! Until we got her night time sleeps sorted. She was always a great sleeper and then we moved when she was 12 months old - it all went downhill from there!

So at 6 months we started controlled crying - when we sorted her night time sleeping we also implemented the same patterns to her afternoon sleep. So now at 1pm in the afternoon she sleeps for about 2-3 hours and at night she goes down at 8pm she also goes down without a fuss. I don't even have to feed her before this happens - she just knows that at these times it's sleep time - and she is now a wonderful! Since we did this she also now has a 1-2 hour sleep in teh morning from about 8am.

I am a new woman! lol

Arianna, Reagan & Oakley

Dear Carline,

My son is ten months old and I was too suffering during the day. Despite my son sleeping through at night from 6pm-5am, he has 3-4 short sleeps during the day. This was very frustrating as sometimes he would wake crying, obviously still tired.
Due to the fact that most times he would only sleep for about 30-45mins his sleep times were at 7, 10 and 1. I was struggling because I was so exhausted from having no real extended time out period.
A friend of mine then suggested I cut one of the sleeps out and stretch them out a bit. So I stretched his wake time in the morning to 8am and then put him down. He immediately slept for about an 1hr and a half. I then put him down approximately three hours after he woke and again he slept for nearly two hours. I couldn't believe it and I truly didn't know what to do with myself as I had never had this much time-out at once.
I have been doing this for the past two weeks now and sometimes he will sleep for just over an hour and sometimes he will sleep for just over two, but for both sleeps now he will sleep for at least one hour.
His sleeps are generally:
Wake 5am, sleep 8am, sleep (between 12 -1) bed 6pm.
He never wakes up crying, but is very happy to entertain himself in his cot for a while after he wakes. Pure Bliss.
Also, before, I would always struggle to put him down, often crying/screaming himself to sleep. Now, he lies down and is quiet immediately. You may hear a bit of chat, but that's about it.

Give it a go.
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