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Hi all,
Well we did it! Some of you may remember from my previous post that my husband and I planned to get rid of the dummy as it was disturbing her sleep too much (and ours).
After much anxiety and dread we started her without it on her first morning sleep. I followed Tizzie Hall's advice on settling. She does not believe in controlled crying as such but rather suggests letting them have a cry for a number of minutes, depending on the age of the baby (while it's only a protest cry) then go in and comfort them with patting and shushing for as long as it takes basically.
I put her down then left the room, gearing myself up for lots of tears. I felt sick and thought I needed to do something to keep busy, so I started cleaning my teeth. She began to do this "wah, wah.........wahah............wah........" etc. Then before I'd even finished cleaning my teeth, she had stopped. I thought "here we go, I bet she's been distracted and is looking around the room as it was her first time in a cot", but bloody hell, to my surprise, she was asleep!
She continued to do this all day and now it has been around 3 weeks I think and we are dummy free. I think we have had two times where she needed to be patted off and also for the first few nights we had a few minutes of crying between 4am and 6am when she used to wake frequently for the dummy, but now that's stopped too and she sleeps about 7pm to 7am, HEAVEN.
She's even happier in the day now, and she was smiley before. She's really practising her gross motor skills on the floor now where before with all her tiredness, she couldn't be left long on the floor before she'd need me to pick her up.
She smiles at me as I put her to bed and seems really secure and almost proud of herself for going to sleep on her own. I've peeked on her through the door and it's so peaceful to watch her go off to sleep now and close her eyes.

Anyway I just wanted to write this to let parents know that it is possible to get rid of the dummy if you want to. The earlier the better I believe (wish I had done it with my son) and it is sooooooo worth it for everyone.
Good luck to all
Laura smile

P.S My daughter is almost 6 months by the way.
p.p.s I forgot to mention that I think it worked well for her because in the 2 weeks before i knew we were going to get rid of the dummy I would always lay her down then let her have a grizzle and about a 1-2 min cry before giving her the dummy. I think that better prepared her.

Laura DS July 03, DD Oct 05, DD Nov 08

Congratulations Laura - you and bubs did really well. Your little one sounds like she is developing so fast - what a clever little thing. It was a huge step getting rid of the dummy, glad to her it was worth it.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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