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Not sleeping through the night Lock Rss

hi, my daughter has just turned 6mths and is still waking up for a feed during the night. She has also started waking at 4am and we cant seem to get her back to sleep. She does sleep with a dummy and in the past if we put the dummy back in she would settle again until 6am but not any more. I have tried letting her cry for 10mins but does not seem to work. Any suggestions? I am due to start back at work in 2mths and hope to get it sorted before then.

Emilie, QLD, 17/09/05

with the first time she wakes i would give her a small dream feed but the 4 am waking is a no no
if she's not cold,hot or bothered i found my daughter woke at 4 when i forgot to get up at 7am every morning and if i let her sleep too long during the day(how long do you allow her to sleep) she probably need no more than 3 or 4 hours per day. i found if i gave lillie too many naps she woke at 4 ready to play so i was always up at 7 an she was always in bed at 7

good luck hope you get thruogh it

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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