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settling my lil action man Lock Rss

My lil man used to go to sleep so well, wed normally get about a min protest crying then hed quietly lye there untill he fell asleep. But at just under 7 months he started crawling, and a few weeks later pulling himself up!!!
now everytime i put him down instead of having that min crying he pulls him self up and bounces around screaming. Ive tryed ignoring him, ive tryd going back in re settling him but he just keeps getting back up. it seemed the only way i could get him to sleep was in beed with me or feeding him to sleep... so i have moved his cot back into our room. but for the last three sleeps while he has been happily standing and bouncing i have fallen asleep before him, only to be woken by a sloppy lil hand reaching through the bars and tapping my face!!
theres got to be more of you out there with lil active bubs like this...... how do you manage to get them to sleep??
He he, I laughed when I read your post. Sounds like my DS!! He is an EXTREMELY active, social little boy & I constantly have trouble with his sleeping!! He's pretty good at night usually though, thank God!! I have found I have had to do extra activities & vary them daily just to wear him out. I take him swimming every week & now that he is moving really well I'm looking into gymbaroo. I have found that if we go visiting he gets tired easier because there is so much new stuff to explore & often we will go to the park or just sit out the back & I let him go nuts. Have to watch what goes in his mouth though!! I have found the tireder he is, the better & quicker he will fall asleep. I now feed him to sleep though too - I have found that because he is so active, he needs a period of quiet time before sleep. At nighttime this is an hour long!! Much shorter during the day though. So we have a story before all sleeps, then a feed in his quiet darkened room with his sleep music on. Some days I will still only get a short nap & others, I will get 1.5hours!! I stopped fighting him awhile ago.......can't make a baby sleep, especially one like ours!!! I hope this has helped?? smile

i'll be looking forward to what others have to say about your issue, as my 7.5mth DS is also super active! crawling around and standing up as soon as i lay him down in his cot. Problem is he has had a few falls in standing up, and seems a bit afraid to let go of the rail and sit back down and go to sleep! I've left him until he's cried blue murder but he won't sit back down... finally i give in, he's so worked up and evidently usually tired enough to go to sleep... but surely i can't be required to help him through this everytime???! help?
There is a lot of us out here with the same problem huh? We have completely given in and put our 8.5mo to sleep in the pram because she can't stand up or crawl around or rock on her hands and knees like a maniac. She always sleeps in her pram during the day, and at night quite often has her first sleep in the pram, except when she falls asleep feeding. It's not ideal, but I could not handle the battle in the cot anymore. We don't rock her to sleep either, just put her in, strap her in and put the dummy in, and she goes off to sleep. Not sure if I would recommend it, as i have no idea how to wean her off it.

Edited to add that we have been doing this since she was 6.5 months old, she started crawling at 6 mo, and pulling to stand at 7.

[Edited on 20/03/2009]

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