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19 hr flight with an 11 month old Lock Rss

hey guys
i'm a first time mom & i had a very tiring experience with my little boy when he was 3n a half months old returning from over's a very long flight.anyways i said maybe this time it'll be better coz he's older & can maybe stand it.i just needed some advice & tips to keep him amused & to also settle him to sleep.i also wanted to know what are the procedures & the gadgets i need with me while travelling this time coz obviously he's older.does he have a seat of his own?do i take the car seat with to assemble it to the chair?how will he sleep?i know he'll never sleep in that stupid bassinette they offer.he's a big boy & he hated it even when he was much younger the 1st time.he's usually impatient & gets bored quickly.shalll i let him out of the chair & let him crawl or walk around(if he's walking by then)? has anyone ever gone through the same thing?what are your tips if possible?i wanted to breakdown the trip in half & maybe stay overnight in singapore but my husband said it's gonna be more tiring & it's better to take it one the way u must be wondering where i'm going.we're going to egypt for a holiday & to c family & friends so we really want it to be nice.also a nother thing guys sorry for being a pain has anyone also gone away for holidays or overseas & experiences problems with routine change,jet lag & sleep or settling?we'll be gone for almost 2 months?will it be very difficult to resettle him when i get back here or r they easily adapted?i apreciate ur help guys & sorry for going on for long:)

randa,vic,26 mth old beautiful boy

hi there,
Travelling is half the fun (so they say) but try not to worry about the jetlag, your baby will most likely settle into it better than you! I completely understand long flights as we have made Australia -Singapore- London 5 times in 18 months. Children will sleep when they are tired as you know and you can't make them sleep. Just like us, their little bodies will need some time to adjust. Going west (ie. backwards in time) is often harder to get over jetlag than going east (ie. coming back to oz from Egypt).It also may help when you are arriving at your destsination - if you are arriving in the evening after a long flight it is easier to sleep even if the body is saying that it is daylight hours still. If you break down the stay into S'pore their time zone is the same as Perth time, you could always do that however all you will find is that he will sleep a couple of hours later than usual and may be up a couple of hours ahead. I would suggest if you want to break the trip for yourselves for a break then do so as your little one won't really know and a it is a fair while in the plane for little ones. If he is walking you may find that he is a bit restless on board. I think that the air hostesses are able to "watch" him if you and your husband need a short break or in need to sleep on board. Usually children receive an activity pack from the air hostesses to keep them occupied (or so is the idea) and they get their meals first (as you may already know). I don't know what sort of gadgets you want to take on board, if he has a favourite game or things to draw with, book etc... like you would take on a car ride I guess, just longer. Pending which air carrier you are flying you may be able to keep your little one amused with the inflight movies (if there is an "on demand" type system where you can just play them whenever you are ready to). Perhaps if you try to "teach" your little one about the plane through a childrens book and on the trip you are undertaking that may help him so that may not be totally new to him if that makes sense. In London you could buy this over the counter stuff called "Meletonin" which was to aid jetlag for travellers at pharmacies like one called "Boots", however in Australia, you can buy tablets which are meant to help ease the effects of jetlag - I guess if you go to the Chemist they could direct you to which product is good though I don't think they would be ok for young children, but you can always ask. Ask the air carrier you will be flying with if the car seat is ok as it will need to be secured according to their regulations to the plane seat. Hope this helps, and good luck and have a great trip regardless!
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