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Hi All,

I have a beautiful 8 month baby girl. She WAS sleeping through the nite but after a few interuptions (teething, bronchitus etc) she is now waking anywhere from 2 - 4 times! I am a bit over it and was wondering if anyone could recomend any sleep clinics in Melbourne or any good books.

She is very good at getting her self to sleep and doesnt have a dummy! Depending on how tired I am and how long she cries for we are either trying control crying or I get her up for a feed (which I know she doesnt NEED) but its so hard at nite when you are exhausted!

She doesn normally put herself back to sleep with control crying pretty quickly but then she wakes up again only half an hour or an hour later!

Any help would be greatly appreciated - the sleep deprivation is getting a bit excessive after 8 months!

Jacquie, Mummy to Bailey, Tijana & Kaitlyn

Hi there

I have just bought Tizzie Halls "save our sleep". My 11 week old catnaps through the day, often going through the day with only two 40 minute naps.

It sounds like thats what is happening. Have a look at her book, however, I have been foloowing it for 2 weeks now and he is still waking.


its so hard during the middle of the night i think we all look for a quick fix
do whatever you feel necesary
here are some books:''settling your baby:A survival guide for parents

"sleep tight,sleep right:a practical proven guide to solving your babys sleep problems

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I am not sure where you live but I have had a friend do a day stay in Footscray (think it may have been at the western hospital or near there) and there is also a really good sleep clinic out near Mitcham. One of the girls in my nothers group went there for a 5 day sleep thingie and now her bubbie is a great sleeper. Both of them were advised where to go by our MHN so may be worth speaking to your nurse about it.
Good luck

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

hi, Jacka

there are 3 good one in MEl. If you look up ur child blue book, u will find those contact no.

-Queen Elizabeth Centre [Noble Park] 9549 2777
-O'Connell Family Centre [Canterbury] 8416 7600
-Tweddle Child Family Health Service [Footscray] 9689 1577

the one we went to is O'Connell Family care center. They run by Mercy Hospital. Which was pretty good environment and faciliites. We only paid $22 for the whole program. We stay 5 days and 4 nights there. Depends on ur need and ur bub sleeping problem, they have day program or week program, My partner and I both stay there. u & ur bub have own bedroom, they provide meals [urs and ur partners, ur babys' solid food as well] , and they have laudary machine free to use. They have nurses/midwifes look after u and ur bub. [on one to one basis]. They will teach u sleeping technique, not only this, but they also discuss ur feeding, set up a routine for ur baby... etc.

good luck ! I hope ur baby can sleep well... smile

Sen, VIC

we started contolled crying 2 nights ago as a last resort and Lillie slept through.
i guess i really STUCK to it.
i got up every 10 minutes she cried and patted her bum
the second night she just whinged,and last night i heard her wake up then 5 mins later she was asleep.
she had previously always slept through but now she is getting teeth.
i used a book by "Gina Ford"
i though it was fantastic
best of luck

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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