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help!!! need advice Lock Rss

hello all! my problem might sound abit silly but i have a 6 month old baby boy and i am taking him on a 10 hour bus trip to visit realies, we are traveling at night and i am hoping he will sleep all night but all my friends adn family are saying to give him furnurgan or something, i was wondering if anyone has heard of it, i don't want to drug him but if it would not hurt him than i think it may not hurt. another friend suggested nurofen ?????
some suggestions please?????
Hi Shani,
Phernurgen is an anti-histemine that has a sedative effect. I was recommended this by a GP when my little one had a slight phlemy rattle in his chest. When we went to get it, the chemist informed us that it can contribute to SIDs. Now in saying this the chemist by law has to inform you of this concern, however Doctors perscribe phernurgen and have no qualms about doing it. My partner didnt want to use it as our baby was only 4 months old when we were prescribed it, so I cant tell you of any experiences really. But you could talk to your chemist and they might be able to better inform you.
Good luck with it!!

Hi Shanip, be very very careful with this medication as it can have the reverse effect on baby and turn himinto a inconsolible mess! I witnessed this first hand on a 12 hour plane flight (the baby screamed the enitre 12 hours and the mohter was in tears.I have just responed to another post regarding this stuff and I have advsed that if you want to use it try it at home first. This stuff is a sedative and puts bubs into a "fake" sleep, a bit like sleeping pills for us. So when he wakes out of the drug induced sleep he can be drowsy and uncomfortable. Personally I am against this type of drug unless it is for MEDICAL reasons only. I suppose my experience of seeing this mother and her baby on a plane with 400 other passenegers also experience this was enough for me to ban this forever from my household. even now I will not give my 10 & 8 ears olds any medication that could cause them drowsiness. Buy some new toys for the trip to keep bubs entertained (I know my baby gets bored of his current toys) and travel close to sleeping times for Bubs. good luck, Naomi
Hi Shanip,
Personally i would recomend that you dont use anything.
You will probaly find that if bubs is going to be in your arms and that vibration of the bus that he will snooze his way throught the night.

Safe travel

Rachael, Kobe 21/8/2005

if you can help it try not to drug your little one for the sake of sleep. if he sleeps in the car, he will surely sleep on the bus, waking only for nappy changing and feeding. A full little tummy will aid sleep as will a breast feed or warm bottle. Other passengers will understand if your baby is a little distressed.
Thanks everybody for your posts. i really don't want to use anything but now with everyone against it and the plane story i think i will just let him be and hopefully he will just sleep or play, we are travelling at night so he should be right he sleeps all night at home but when we are out he will fight it and get over tired and you now the rest. but i will just deal with it and thanks again.
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