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Day light saving -too young for delaying to sleep Lock Rss

My four month old is very predictable in his routinue and goes to be between 5-6pm at the moment for his evening sleep. He then wakes between 4-5am for a feed then back to sleep til between 7-8am. Trouble is daylight saving finishes in a week and then he could be going to bed at 4pm most days.

I can't delay his evening sleep as he loses the plot if he's tired and goes to bed a minute later than he needs to. And delaying sleep time in the day time doesn't infuence wakeup times.

I was thinking about waking him 3 hours after he's gone to bed for the night (eg around 7-8pm) and giving him another feed in the hope he'll drop his night feed and reset his body clock.

Has anyone else tried this or does anyone have other suggestions for a baby who is too young to use the delaying tactics?
The Huggies site has some tips which sound like a realistic way of doing it. This is what I'll be trying.
it would be good if you started to wake your bub at 7am every moning and made sure his in bed between 6.30 and 7.00pm.
what i do with lillie is let her sleep in an extra 15 mins in the morn and put her to bed 15 mins later until i get to 8.00pm.
then when daylight savings ends and we put our clocks back she still gets up at 7 and is in bed my 7.
aslo i would wake your bub at 10.30pm for a dream feed and he will be less likely to wake you at 4-5am

good luck

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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