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i need him: from mim to you mums!!!! Lock Rss

Thank you all so much i can't thank you enough for all your advice.Hubby certainly is a strange one.
he was there when Lillie was born,cut her cord and bawled his eyes out,yet he trys to keep this strong wall up as if to let me know his this big tough man????
i have said to him that i am not his mother and if he wnts that to move back with his mother but i just can't get through to him, yes i have threatened to take Lillie but he know's i would come back as i love him so much,i stayed with his brother and wife about a month ago for a week. i missed him so much but i stayed strong but when i returned nothing had changed.i recommended that mabey we should see a counsiler but he says there's nothing wrong and that were fine. i think his fine because he always gets his way then his happy...
And what am i???
Exactly as i was before,an over worked mother who deservs a huge bloody medal for all i do,sorry to dribble on girls i just have to type it off my chest

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi mimmy has your husband always been like this to you before Lillie was born? Yes you do need a medal and a big big cuddle to and when you stayed with his brother and wife did he call you at all?

mimmy I dont know what to say to help you out but we are all there for you if you ever need a big chat to get everything off your chest to feel better.

You a doing are FANATIC work with Lillie and just look after yourself and Lillie.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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