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last night sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

so Lillie went to bed at her usual 7pm.. slept like an angel till 4am and for no reason whatsoever woke up crying i could not settle her at all and she ended up in bed with us but did not go back to sleep. i made he get up at 7 but by 8 she was so tired she went down for 15 mins a now shes up again..
why did she do this i do not know but i'm really buggered,i feel like a zombie

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hey Sorry to hear about your crappy night. My 5.5 month old Daughter has done the same. I was told it could be teeth, but since I have not seen any. I believed she had a nightmare? Or something to that effect. Lillie may have just got startled then just couldn't re-settled.
Sleep today when she rests and hope for a better night tonight.
Just think about 5 months ago this was a normal! You were probably feeling like a zombie most days, I know I was.
Its only one day, it will pass.
All the Best
3-4am in the mornings is the coldest part of the night so maybe try adding and extra blanket or a thicker one. Sorry I don't know why she wouldn't re-settle. Hope tonight is better for you. smile
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