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A set bedtime???? Lock Rss

Do your kids have one?
Justa question out of curiosity

I was at a friends of DH's the other noght and the kids were getting cranky, the wife asked if it was pasttheir bedtime and I said yes, she then asked wht time they go to bed, I said 7.30, she said what everynight? and I said yeah most nights, obviously we are flexible on weekends and they CAN stay up later if they need to but during the week its no later than 7.30.

She then said What if they aren't tired?
I didn't know what to say then as they just go to bed at 7.30, I have never really thought about whether or not they are tired!!! lol

They have always gone to bed at this time even as newborns

I know somenights DS might play quietly for 1/2 an hour but doesn't come out of his room or have his light on.

She puts her DD to bed whenever she is tired which can be between 8-10 at night, which I hav no probs with as it works for her, but was curious as to what others do?

As kids we always went to bed at 7.30 no matter what and 8.30 on weekends and I think thats why I have done the same.

I take my DD to her room at 6.30 on the dot every night and giver her her final feed for the day and then put her down, she is asleep by 7.

My boys brush teeth, wee wash hands and hop into bed at 7. We then read a story until about 7.30, then they can read quietly in their beds until 8 when I go in and it is lights out. They are 5 and 7 and this works well for us, having a bedtime routine is a must for us!

ETA and for me!!! With a DH who works away some days seem quite long doing it on my ownsome, I need some down time on my own too! Hats off to single mums!!
[Edited on 08/04/2009]
Nope not ours

Depends on our day and when and if they had a day sleep.

9pm is the absolute latest for bed tho unless we are out. 8pm is the latest on a kindy night for Ryan. This has always worked for us as ours are great sleepers so I guess we fell into this pattern simply cause it worked smile
I have strict bedtime rules

Amos is 11 & is in bed at 8pm & reads for 30mins
Elisha & David are 9 & are in bed at 7:30
Peter & Malachi are 5 & are in bed at 7pm

They stay up on weekends & during school holidays

DD1 who is 12 (13 in may) goes to bed about 9.30 - 10ish

DD2 who is 4 falss asleep around 5ish and sleeps till 7am when i wake her.

DS3 who is 21 months old goes to bed around 7.30ish sleeps right through

DD4 who is 5 months old has her last bottle around 7ish and then bed sleeps straight through till i wake her at 6.30ish

I have to wake them all up as we have to leave home for the morning school run no later than 7.45am

I have always had a great bedtime pattern for lissy but since we have moved and dh isnt home until 730 8 she cries until he gets home and he always goes and gets her out so now she is all out of wack but i am determined to get her back to going to bed at 7. Kaity I will try to put down at 6 but she will generally just whinge to herself before she falls asleep

most definitely set bedtimes here and will be for many years o gawd i'd go crazy if they were up till 9 or 10 pm!!!
Yep, we have a set bedtime, otherwise I'd go insane! lol.

Boys share a room so at about 6.30pm we read stories and sing some songs/nursery rhymes and they get tucked into bed anytime between 6.45-7.15pm and they have a little chat with each other (kinda cute) and then go to sleep within 15min. Lights out when I walk out of the room except for a little night light.

On the weekends, we are more flexible cos we usually visit my parents for dinner and usually leave their place between 7-8pm but they go straight to bed when we get home.

I need my evenings to clean/tidy, relax and chat to hubby! Get my sanity back before the next day!

i have to have a set time with ds, as i used to go to bed at 8.30, but now i drag it out to 9.30 (to get used to my lack of sleep from the baby)

so no way i could handle him being awake at 9.

I'm really big on a set bedtime for DD but to some extent the time was set by her because that's when she would start getting cranky lol. DD gets put to bed sometime between 7 and 7:30 (depends how long dinner takes because she follows the routine of dinner, bath, milk, play with daddy, read a book and bed).

I was always sent to bed at 7:30 as a child. Once I was old enough to read to myself (year 4ish) I was allowed to stay up in my room and read until 8 but then it was lights out. Once I hit high school it was a case of up in my room at 7:30 then I could work on school work (had a desk in my room) until mum and dad went to sleep (10:30ish) or I could read until 8:30. I know that a lot of people found this strange but to me it didn't seem weird because it was what I was used to.
i'm quite flexible with bedtime. generally its between 6.30 and 7.30 but if shes tired, i put her to bed earlier. if she's not tired, she can stay up later.

the only time i would tolerate her being up til 10pm though is if she was sick, or had for some reason slept in really late in the arvo.

there comes a point where they become OVER tired. if you wait until then, they normally get a second wind and could easily stay up til 10pm when they finally pass out.
perhaps thats what your friend is doing? letting them run themselves to the point of exhaustion so that they go straight to sleep? sometimes if i know ashlee is going to be up later than usual i will keep her really active and play on the trampoline etc to tire her out so i have a hope of getting her to bed later LOL
Luke gos to bed at 8pm every night ...

we have chosen this time cause this is the time we have noticed that he getts distracted and getts a little disobiedient ....he is not a naughty child by nature only when tierd so this is why we have chosen this time !!

it was 6pm for long time when he was little ...then he started to want his daddy and he dosent get home till 6:30- 7 so we kept him up to see his daddy ..

now we have dinner at 6:30 and then he can play when his daddy getts home and in bed by 7:30 to have a story and a chat and then we walk out and eyes shut at 8 ...
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