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Need advice about feeds and bedtime Lock Rss

I have read a lot of posts about what time to put baby to sleep. I have a nearly 5mth old DS who I have been putting to bed around 9ish and he sleeps through until about 7.30am but I want to try and get him to bed around 7.30-8pm but not sure if he will get enough feeds into him. How does everyone else manage to get 5 bottle feeds in to their babies between 8am - 7pm? I feel like i am doing something wrong.
Please help

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

Don't think you're doing something wrong, you're just doing things your way! You don't have to have a bub that sleeps from 7-7.....but it is!! Anyway, chin up! I used to give Jeb a dreamfeed at 10:30pm. That's the only way I got him to have 5 bottles. His feed times at that age were 7am, 11am, 3pm, 6:45pm and 10:30pm and he sleeps on average 7:15pm to 7am. A dreamfeed is where you feed bub without "waking" them. I'd been giving Jeb a dreamfeed since he was 7 weeks so he got very used to being picked up at night feed then straight back to bed with no fuss. You could always try and put bub to bed early and see how he goes as he might not need a night feed anymore. If you're worried about him not getting enough you could offer a little more during the day and when he's on solids he'll be able to go longer between feeds too. Hope you can understand my ramblings and I have helped a little.
You aren't doing anything wrong! Maybe your bubs doesn't need that many feeds!
My daughter never drinks huge amounts of milk but "grazes" all day, I have tried to stop this but, even if I don't feed her for 3 hours she'll only tak 60-100ml, but if I feed her every hour or so she takes the same.
Rylee is 6 months next week and this is our routine.
7am wake + Bottle
8am b/fast - Cereal with milk
9am Bottle and Bed
11am wake + Bottle
12pm Lunch - Oatmeal/Fruit/Yoghurt with milk
1pm Bottle
2pm Bottle and Bed
4pm Bottle
5pm Dinner - Vegies with milk
6pm Bath
6.45pm Bottle and Bed for 7pm
We stick to this, give or take half an hour. I used to put her to bed at 7.30pm and she'd wake early, this last week I have put her to bed at 7pm and she sleeps longer! Good luck.
P.S. Your baby will not starve himself, he will drink if he is hungry!
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