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help! he's not sleeping thru the night. Lock Rss

Hi Tracy, If you are still looking for the sleeping bags they are in the baby clothes section of Big W. They are a bit like a jump suit but not as tight fitting and they don't have feet. Good Luck.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Your son and daughter sound like my twins...... he wakes during the night and she sleeps soundly. This all started happening around 6 months - from 11 weeks until 6 months they both slept 12 hours a night and I slept soundly too....... we were consistent with our bedtime routine (and still are) of bath, bottle, bed.

When Addison started waking up, I was terrified he'd wake Anastasia so I'd rush in and pick him up and most times have to feed him to resettle, which wasn't a habit I wanted to get into. In the end I put Addison's waking up to be teething - he'd wake up screaming but asleep or he'd scream until he was fully awake or he'd scream, wake up and down a bottle in two seconds flat. So we kept getting up during the night to resettle him which would sometimes be about 3 times a night and often we'd bring him into bed with us which wasn't a good thing since he's mobile and would crawl out of my arms if I dozed off so noone really got a good nights sleep. Now he generally sleeps through until 5:30am which is better, but how do you entertain a 9 month old baby when it's still dark out and you're tired as hell?

Anyway, my husband works away for one week in three and I about a month ago while he was away I bit the bullet and decided that if she could handle his crying during the day and not get upset or wake up because of it, then it was time to try controlled cyring or comfort settling or whatever they call it. I must say that it did work and the funny thing for me was that they were often asleep before it was 'time' to go back in and resettle them. I think you have to be pretty tough to do comfort settling, but if you're persistent and consistent it does work. Now I can put them in their cots day or night and even with the distraction of the other baby, daylight and being able to stand up in their cot, they have their play then lay themselves down and go to sleep. I'm also finding that since starting it, they now wake fairly close to each other (ie. they sleep about the same amount of time) which is good for me.

I know another mum of twin boys who had problems with dummies and wrapping them up to 20 times per night and she eventually spent a week at Rivertown sleep centre in Brisbane and in 2 nights they were sleeping through the night. She's never looked back.

I live in Far North Qld and my two are escape artists and hate to be wrapped or covered with anything even a sheet. Anything like that only lasts a minute before they kick it off and they've done the same thing since coming home from hospital. People tell me that some babies like to be wrapped and others don't. What about covering them rather than wrapping them?

Also, regarding teething gels such as Bonjela - I felt as though I was giving them bonjela and panadol just about every day - and I ended up going to the homeopath and getting Chamomilla drops for about $12 a small bottle. They work within a couple of minutes to soothe and calm the baby and can be used as often as necessary. Much better than all the chemicals that are in panadol and bonjela I thought. She also gave me Calcium Phosporus tabs for developing teeth as my babies are late teethers.

Long reply, but I hope some of the info is helpful to you.

Hi everyone. Gee THANKS all for helping me out and giving me heaps of ideas to work on. It is so wonderful to know that I have friends to rely on that are all in a similar situation.
Well this is the update so far....
Since Monday I haven't been wrapping Roman during the day and he is doing very well ( to my surprise). I don't wrap him of a night time until he wakes me up afew times then I give in. I finally found a a babies sleeping bag(and here I was thinking it was a "normal sleeping bag" and how on earth was I mean't to keep him in that). Tried that with him for two sleeps but he wack his head the first time when trying to stand up and second time he screamed at me when I came near him with it....oh well!!
Once I have gotten these obsticles out of the way then I will try the "comfort settling" thing.
On sunrise channel 7 they had the "baby whisperer" and she has a CD-Rom called "sleep baby sleep". I purchased one and received it last week. I entered Romans profile into this program and the funny thing is, it also suggested "controll crying/comforting".
I've tried it once before with little success but thanks to the encourging letters from you all I will attempt it again.
Also with the bonjela and the Panadol I think I will try the Chamomilla drops. I think my kids are to used to the others and they don't have the same power as they used to
Thats it for now folks........
Will keep in touch XXXXX

Tracey, Roman and Jade 11.5 months

Tracey,twins b&g 4yrs

I finally weaned my son from his wrapping. Looking back now it wasn't so hard to do. I think I was more scared about the transition than Roman was. He sleeps better now and can resettle himself back more often. I still have to get up at least once a night but its better than 3-4 times. And I never ended up doing the "control crying". He grew out of it himself. Thanks everyone!

Tracey,twins b&g 4yrs

hey all my name is amy i'm 20 yrs old and have a sweet baby boy named Brody. I've had a problem with brody sleeping since he was born. He is now 11 months old and has only slept thru the night for about a fortnight (starting from 5 1/2 to 6 months old) then he got his first tooth and hasn't sleep thru since. He cant sleep for more than 2 1/2 hours b4 waking up and the only thing that gets him to sleep is a bottle but he will wake again 2 1/2 hrs later (this will happens 5-6 times anight) i've tried wrapping him hugging cuddling him (he wakes up as soon as i put him back down) he has a dummy aswell and will wake up as soon as he knows he doesnt have it. I've recently been told i have severe p.n.d and lack cofidence with him as he has fits and starts screaming and i try to stop him crying straight away and dont let him have a whinge (this is due to the fact that i live back with my parents after a terrible break up and share a very small room with him so every noise he makes i wake up and barely get any sleep aswell as both my parents work my dad full time and my mum has 3 part time jobs so i try and be considerate of them but i get alfully drained thru the night and day.
What else is there to do i've tried all methods that i've been told and seen what other ppl have tried nothing works for him. He sleeps best during the day (i think thats because he is restless at night) and is always happy. What to do?????

amy, nsw, 11month boy

Hi Amy. I am sorry to hear you have p.n.d. I hope you are seeing a good doctor and he is helping you. I found that if you are not well and happy then your children pickup on it and they too are not happy. Have you tried your local child and youth centre. They have facilites to stay overnight or for aweek and will help you get back control and look after you and your baby and it's for free!.
It sounds like your son is waking up for comforting and security. If he needs to cry and you too then don't hold back. You should not have to keep him quiet because of the rest of the household. After all he is only a baby. Maybe try to shorten his feeds during the night until he is no longer dependent by giving only half of his usual qty or watering it down. Or you could subsitute the bottle with hugs instead.Try some quiet singing or humming etc. Don't pick him up immediately when he cries, give him pats on the back or rub his belly to soothe him.
I hope some of these suggestions will help. Remember perserverence pays off, they soon learn. Try to look after yourself (and I know that is easier said than done).Please don't hesitate to write if you need to talk. I hope I can help you some more. Take care and good luck.
P.S. don't forget to give the C and Y centres a go

Tracey,twins b&g 4yrs

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