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I have a read over a few topics to try and get a bit of help. My baby is 61/2 months. She has been a good baby up until the last week or so. She is not much of a day sleeper but that was ok as she was happy to play with herself and play with me or my husband. She would sleep about 11 to 12 hours a night we would give her her milk and she would go to sleep and we would not here from her till the moring. Know she is not as happy though the day nad is waking at night and crying. Iam not sure what to do. Do i control cry or just go in a pick her up. I have been going in and putting the dummie is it works for about 15 min then she wakes agian. Any help would be great.
Ps she did go to baby club at my gym for the firts time, but she is not really a clingy baby.

Tahlia- jane born 13/01/04 & Sienna Lily

Im sure she is teething I would try some panadol if she wont settle. If she still doesnt settle after that then maybe a bottle or breast. That is my plan of attack and it always works for me.

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Hi there

I would also guess that maybe she's teething. My son was exactly the same with his teeth. Just have a look at her gums to see if there is any swelling - sometimes you can see the teeth about to break through the surface. If that's what it is try some teething gel or panadol or a cool teething ring to chew. The other thing our child health nurse said is that around 7 months babies can get a bit unsettled, and she suggested to just keep up with your normal settling routine and they eventually go back to 'normal'. I hope this helps.

All the best
My doc also suggested that apart from teething it could be an ear infection maybe get the DR to have a look for you
Good luck

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi emj

My baby was very similar from about that age, she started to wake more at night after months of sleeping 11-12 hours at night. I eventually asked my doctor about it and he told me that it is very common and can usually be put down to one of a few things.

1. Teething - the pain can often wake babies at night and then they are hard to resettle.
2. At around 6 months babies have a new awareness of their surroundings and once awake they sometimes fight going back to sleep.
3. Baby is getting sick.
4. Hunger

My baby is unsettled at night when she is coming down with something. She has had two colds and each time has been unsettled a couple of nights beforehand. She also now needs to have a bottle if she wakes around 5.00am because she is too hungry to go back to sleep and after the bottle she goes back to sleep for another couple of hours.

Hope she settles down for you soon.


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Tahlia has not changed. She is still waking and not herself during the day. Her gums look ok but she does get flushed a bit. Iam sure she is not hungry. I hope it is her teeth. Iam going to take her to see the docyor this friday to have a check up. Will post and fill u in.

Tahlia- jane born 13/01/04 & Sienna Lily

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