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8 month old constantly waking at night Lock Rss

My 8 month old daughter the last 2 weeks has started waking about 5 times during the night, I've tried letting her cry it out but she just gets overwhelmed and does a "I'VE LOST THE PLOT" cry and gets worse, I hold her and she goes straight back to sleep, I put her back in her cot and 1 hour later it starts again. She got 2 teeth this week but I don't think thats the cause because she's fine during the day.
She USED to be a really good sleeper and hardly never cried, now its the opposite, any suggestions?
Hi sossle,
I'm not there yet, so I'm just throwing ideas around. Is there something that has changed so she isn't getting as much attention during the day? Have you introduced a new food at night that could be upsetting her? Have you thought of co-sleeping temporarily so at least you don't have to keep getting up, or putting her cot in your room?
It's awful when you don't get sleep - everything is magnified and it's so hard to function. Here's hoping it gets better soon.

Molly's Mum, 29/9/05

Hi there
It could actually be the teeth, because the teeth move around at night- let me re-phrase, the babies can feel them move around at night more that during the day, because its quiet and they concentrate on the pain because they are still and peacful, untill one tooth decides to shift.... so it could be the teeth.......

Hi Sossle,

Try not to give up on your little one for her night time sleep. It is most likely her teeth that are causing her to wake so much in the night time. Try administering her some iinfant paracetamol or ibuprofen (Panadol or Nurofen - which ever is preferable to you) at her dinner meal and that should kick in for the pain to tie you over night. If you do the "dream feed" or give her a late feed try giving it to her then and hopefully she will settle down and give you a litte more rest.

My 6 month old was a great sleeper also until about 2 weeks ago when she started waking up more and more (her usual pattern is to sleep from 1830 -1900 until 0600-0700) until last week we got only 3 hours sleep as she was awake every hour until 3am! It was a long hard week and finally we worked out that she was teething yet again (she has only just got her 4 top teeth cut through 2 weeks ago) and she is getting her 3rd set of top teeth now which we think was making her more and more unsettled.

hang in there and try to keep up your normal routine. She will settle down again when her little gums are "feeling more normal".

You can also try putting an icecube (mashed up) into a flannel for her to chew on to relieve the pain if it gets too much, that way she will also get some fluid into her if she she is finding bottle feeding too sore.

Let me know how you go.

We know what you are going through. smile
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