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nightmares!!! Lock Rss

yesterday I put Jett to sleep and all was well until about an hour into his sleep. He just screamed his poor little head off. I picked him up to settle him because it wasnt the usual "im awake" cry... I mean, he screamed like nothing else. It took me about 10mins to completly calm him down again. Do babies have nightmares?? He had been really happy all day so I cant put it down to something that might have upset him earlier.... He's just 14weeks and i didnt think they had bad dreams that early in life.
Anyone else have something like this happen to their angel?


hi beth

this has happened to me twice in the start of march, at night around midmight! and i had to rock her back to sleep, she was sobbing that hard it totally freaked me out!!! my mum thinks it happened to us because emmah had just been in hospital for 4 days...


Kristie, tvlle, 3.5yr & newborn

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