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2.5 hourly night feeds for 5mth old for comfort only...? Lock Rss

Our DS is 5.5mths old and is waking every 2.5hrs at night for a feed. He goes down happy and awake and settles well. We have started him on some Farex for the last couple of weeks which he seems to enjoy. He goes to bed with a full tummy often at about 7.45pm and wakes about 10.30pm/2am/5am for feeds and up for the day about 7am. We have never been ones to go in and pat/rock him back to sleep, always seemed easy to offer him the breast and get back to bed asap. However I wonder whether he is just wanting the breast for comfort as often feeds for 10mins and falls asleep on breast. Has any of you had any sucess with letting them cry it out and resettle. My DH is keen to try this but I worry that I will find it really hard. If we did try this method how long should we let him cry for before going in? I don't mind getting up once in the night if he is hungary and needs nappy changed etc but just wonder whether it is a comfort thing and he just expects it....? Any thoughts really appreciated.

My son got the bottle, but we had a similar problem with night waking around that age. I finally started to feed him on fixed routine, in our case every 4 hours. Once he got used to the 3-7-11 feeds, I started to give him a 11pm feed before going to bed and skipped the 3am feed. I sent my husband instead and he patted him for a few minutes. After 4 days it was over - he slept through.

(Now at 16 months he gets up at 5am after 11 hours perfect sleep from 6pm on. Way to early for me... And there is no way to make him last longer at night. Isn't it funny how every time you solve one problem, the situation changes and you have to cope with soemthing else?)
I cant offer any advice, but just wanted you to know i am in exactly the same position. My DD is 5.5 mths, and feeds every 2.5 hrs. My friends are keen for me to try controlled crying, but i am reluctant because i hate the thought of her becomming so distressed. The other thing is that even on the odd night when i manage to settle her without a feed, she wakes up 45 mins later wanting one!! So for me it is easier just to keep offering the boob (at least i get 2.4 hrs then), and i hope she will stretch out as she gets older. I will be keen to see other people's replies though!


In my opinion nothing wrong with wanting boob for comfort, in fact it's one of the best reasons there is for bf. LOL I think that society has put so much pressure, not only on babies, but mums of babies to sleep "well". Thing is, someone forgot to tell the babies. smile]

I think there could be a couple of things going on here:

1) He's not ready for solids, I found that DS2's sleeping actually got WORSE when he started them than better.

2) The older they get, the more efficient they get so it could very well be that he is waking from hunger, but because he's so efficient it just takes less time for him to get milk. Unless DS2 was sick I always found that he fed quicker in the wee hours than during the day; but the frequency of those feeds was always the same, so for us roughly 3 hourly.

3) Could be a growth spurt, there is one due at around 6 months....but as babies can't read calenders it could be sooner or later than that.

I've done CC and will never do it again, for a number of reasons that I won't get into unless someone asks. LOL We read Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution when DS2 was 13 months old, worked a treat but usually isn't a "quick" fix. It teaches you gentle ways to love your baby to sleep, while getting rid of the "crutches" that you don't want. If you google it, her website should come up and she might have some tips there. I did start imposing "rules" on night feeds, but he was much older, 9 months and it took 2 months before he stopped waking for food (which indicated to us he had been hungry not just waking out of "habit"), but the waking continued for another 3 months. Yes it was frustrating and we were all tired, but not at any point did I consider leaving him to CIO or try CC. They wake in the night because they need something, not to wind you up or make your life miserable and I feel that meeting his psychological needs are just as important as meeting his physical ones so even when the night feeds stopped and he was still waking at midnight(and sometimes 2 and 4am) for a cuddle we did that, and when he was ready he stopped waking for them.

If you think you'll find it hard, those are your mummy instincts telling you that it isn't right for your family and you should listen to those; the crux of the technique is for you to override those feelings in the hope of a long term gain in a "short" period of time but then that can lead to all sorts of other issues....and I will shut up because I said I wasn't getting into my reasons for not agreeing with CC/CIO.

So that's my experience with night waking this time round........and he still wakes at night sometimes, even though he averages 10+ hours at night now; his nearly 6 year old brother woke up the other night at some ungodly hour and climbed into our bed just because. LOL

Ooh and Pinky McKay is apparently good too, but haven't read anything by her as EP worked a treat for us.


Gday not getting into a debate about CC you have to do what works for you. I was in the same situation my 10.5 month old started that way and up until last week was waking every 3 hours and wouldnt go back to sleep without a feed we tried it all and our last resort was CC before going to a sleep program in Melbourne. I am happy to report that it was the best thing we have done for baby and DS1 and DH (not forgetting me!!!) He is now sleeping from 7pm-6.30am and is so much happier during the day. Dont want to offer any unwanted advice so if you would like to know how I did it and how long it took feel free to PM. I new once I found out my girlfriend was still feeding her 2 year old in the middle of the night it was time for change. Best of luck.
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