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still wrapping for sleep Lock Rss

Hi, my son is 4 months old and we are still wrapping him when we put him to sleep. He loves it and will easily drop off to sleep. He goes to bed at about 6 or 7ish and will wake about 2 or 3 for a feed and then straight back to sleep until 7am. He does manage to get his hands free during the night but once he is rewrapped he is right.

My problem is that he has just started to roll from his belly to back and am assuming that it wont be long before we wont be able to wrap anymore. I have tried to put him to bed without wrapping but he won't settle. His little hands are all over his face and pulling out his dummy. I have tried to just cover him with a sheet but the hands still come out. Any suggestions on what we could do? How do we stop him hitting himself in the head and waking himself up?
start with leaving 1 hand free, during his day sleeps, alternate hands, once he gets used to it and it will take a few trys, start leaving one out at night then, leave both unwrapped during the day and so on. They do slowly get used to it... just a bit of a process. Good luck smile
hi there.. many babies sleep so much better wrapped/swaddled up tight. Mine did too. He was in a miracle blanket.. and we only had problems when he started getting free too.
You can try a different wrap to keep him tight. There are instructions how to swaddle similar to the miracle blanket if you google 'uber swaddle'.
Once they start rolling it is safer to put them into a sleeping bag or something similar so they can use their arms to help flip them over etc.
You could start at nap times by just wrapping one arm?
We used a Peke Moe to transition our boy, but many babies will transition ok, it just takes a wee while.
all the best!

Reef June 03 & Tyde Feb 07

Thank you both for your reply. I will try the new style of wrapping and then start leaving an arm out. Thanks again.
hi, my ds was wrapped till he was 5 months. One day i just stopped wrapping because it was going to be 40 degrees that day and it took him about a week to get used to it & sleep better. i had tried one arm out at a time 7 i didn't work. be persistant & they will eventually get use to the change. might mean a few days of crap sleep. goodluck
a friend of mine wrapped her ds til he was 9 months old instead of using wraps she just used a cot sheet to wrap? i have this issue with my ddhave a sleeping bag on the way not sure what to do as she like to be wrapped?
My bub is 6 months and i still wrap, as he loves to roll and play with his dummy! He outgrew a proper wrap a while ago but ive been wrapping with a cot sheet..just a very thin one so it doesnt overheat him! I dont think you should haveto stop wrapping bub at a certain age, if they settle better wrapped then wrap em..mine still sometimes gets an arm out, but very rarely, and when he does it wakes him up, so ive got no choice other than to wrap..i think it keeps their little hands warmer in winter anyway smile
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