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how many sleeps during the day for an 11 month old Lock Rss

just wanting to know how many sleeps your 11 month old is having during the day and for how son doesn't seem to want to have two anymore just wondering if its normal or ok to only be having 1 sleep at this age??

I was going to ask the same question for a 9.5 month old! She just doesn't seem to want a morning sleep most mornings now. maybe it is normal.
My DS started having one sleep around 10 months. I would then try to push him to have it around 1 or 2 pm so that he was manageable in the afternoon. It worked for us. Problem I now have is a 6.5 month old that fights to stay awake in the mornings. She seems to be able to stay awakw for hours as long as she has stimulation. She has just gone down for nap #1 at 3pm today so in answer to your question each child is different and just do what works.
Everything I have read suggested 15 to 18months is the average age to drop to one sleep. What baby is actually average though. My DS is 11months and would not cope on 1 sleep yet.
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My little one who is now 13months has 2 x 2hour sleeps, but she is bub who NEEDS them!!! having just one turns her into a nightmare by 5pm!!!

I think every bub is different, and just do what seems to work for them indivdlly!! strange thing is at 6.5 months my DS stoped having his afternoon nap, there was nothing i could do to get him to sleep, he still slept 2 hours in the morning and would then be fine till bed time at 8pm. then all of a sudden at 9 months if i didnt put him to bed at around 3 id walk into the lounge to check on him cos hed gone quiet to find him spralld out in the middle of his toys fast asleep, and hes had 2 sleeps ever since. hes now 11 months!! theyll let you know how much sleep they need, so dont worry bout it too much!!
Will is almost 1 and only has one sleep a day, norm around 11 1130 is and will sleep for 2.5 hours.

Shelby has just turned one & is still having 2 sleeps during the day (approx 1.5 - 2hrs). It has only been on a few occassions she has wanted just the one.
How strange I came on here to ask the same question. My 11 month old daughter in the last week or so has been a nightmare to put down for her two naps. Seems to have suddenly stopped self settling during the day. Most of the time I have resorted to putting her in the car and going for a drive to put her to sleep. But this is driving me crazy. Think I will try streching her 1st nap as long as possible tomorrow and see what happens!
My DD is nearly 12mths old and she still needs her 2 sleeps though morning can range anywhere from 11am to 12.30pm and she will sleep for 1.5hrs and then if we happen to go out in the afternoon and she misses the 3pm sleep she sometimes will go down at 5pm and then sleep till 6.30pm which is way past her dinner time!
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