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sleeping with mum while dads gone. Lock Rss

my partner has gone away for approx. 2 weeks for work. while i'd like baby to sleep with me (he's 15 weeks old), i worry that he'll get too use to it and wont go back into his cot later when his dad comes back making harder to get him to sleep. i let him sleep with me occasionally for about an hour in the morning after his dad goes to work. i'm guessing i should stop that too. what are your thoughts?
I don't really know the answer .... but if I were you, I would probably do it.

Although could you consider putting the cot in your room rather than in the bed? That way he is close to you, but he is still in his own cot??

My gut feeling is that he wouldn't get too used to it until he was over 6 months old. I don't know why, maybe I have read that somewhere....

Good Luck while your partner is away. I have done 3 nights without my husband around and it was hard, but rewarding that I could do it all by myself smile

My baby is 17 weeks and he comes to bed with me at 5:30 when he wakes up (I try and get him back to sleep until 6am - sometimes he does till 7am and it is bliss!)

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

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