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She's 5 months and will only sleep if wrapped HELP! Lock Rss

Hi ladies, I need some advice/help desperately! I want to start unwrapping her to sleep however she does nothing but wave her arms in the air and then sucks on her fingers! she won't go to sleep! normally it will take about an hour for her to sleep then I give in and wrap her! I wanna start unwrapping her because she's almost 6 months and I think those days are over. I get so frustrated though because I dont want her to be rocked and get use to my arms because she has been a good sleeper by herself.......I feel so let down and emotional because this is where I start to think I'm losing my motherly skills and I can't work this out!
Hi there, it seems like a no-brainer to me:) If she sleeps wraped then whats the hurry to get her unwraped? I could understand if we were heading into summer and you were worried about her overheating, but in winter I'd say just go with it. I kept my 3 babes wrapped for as long as I could. It meant they went down to sleep easily without too much fussing. Trying to think back now, but I'm fairly certain that all my kids were wrapped well beyond 6 months. Relax! it has no bearing on your skills as a mum smile
I completely agree with ruby gloom. Why rush it?? Just coz your bubs is almost 6months, doesn't mean she has to be unwrapped. Every baby is different & very few do what they "should" be doing. If you feel more confident as a mum to wrap her, then just keep wrapping her. God knows our confidence gets enough of a battering!! Don't fight it & just go with it. I don't see a problem at all!

Don't stress about it. I wrapped my daughter until there way no point anymore because she got out of it. But if you don't want to wrap her anymore try weining her off it buy wrapping her a little looser and start by not wrapping one arm. Or wrap her until she falls asleep then loosen once she is asleep. Im sure there is an article on this on this website look under parenting. In the end I did whatever made my baby happy and what you feel comfortable with. The most important thing is she is sleeping, also means you get your sleep. Good luck.
Hi my son is almost 5 months old and I posted something similar to this a little while back. My son was starting to roll so we wanted to stop wrapping incase he rolled in the night and couldn't get his arms out. Someone suggested to me to start to leave just one arm out during the day. Alternate each arm at each nap. Once they can sleep with one arm out try with two arms. It takes a little while for them to work it out but my son is now doing his day naps with no wrapping. I haven't tried at night yet but we will get there. Hope this helps.
I had the same problem with my little man as well..we wrapped him until he was 4 months. If we left them out, he would throw them around and usually wakes himself up during the night. We decided to wrap him a little looser so he can wriggle his hands out..we did that for a week and now he's used to not being wrapped. Try putting bubba in one of those sleeping bags with the arms; she'll still feel cosy but is free to move her arms. Good luck.
hugs to you. as the others have said I would stick to what works. If wrapping works, then just continue!
we only had the issues once our boy started escapingthe miracle blanket and did not transition wel. He went into the Peke Moe (sleep sack made specifically to wean from swaddling) and this worked great for him.. but you may find he's just not ready to sleep without being wrapped!! do what works! all the best smile

Reef June 03 & Tyde Feb 07

Please don't stress over wrapping. I felt I had to get my first son out of wrapping at 6 months when I found out I was the only one in our coffee group still doing it. I had the same problem as your having - he wouldn't go to sleep because his arms were all over the place. I gave up and continued wrapping until he was 9 months old (I even had to get bigger wraps from the sleep store) when he was ready to give it up. Let baby guide you on this one it's not a big problem. And at least you know she'll be warm and snug thru winter.
I had the exact same problem with my DS, as he was starting to roll and wanted him to sleep umwrapped. I only wrapped one arm for one week, then moved him into a sleeping bag. It was a struggle at first, but was worth the effort! this method was suggested to me by sleep school
My 5 month old is the same so wrapped she remains otherwise she flaps around like a mad chook and smunches on her hand or blanket so much she saturates it... not to mention will not go to sleep.
If thats how she likes to sleep then maybe just let her.

My DS slept wrapped until he was just over 9 months old. I sewed two baby wraps together to get a decent size and to stop him unwrapping himself I put an elastic headband around his waist. It worked a treat and he's always slept well.

DD on the other hand was getting herself unwrapped from day one (even in huge wraps) so I gave up and went cold turkey into a sleeping bag. She's not the best sleeper.

I don't know if the wrap made ben a better sleeper than Erin, but I think if i had my time again I'd have just persisted with the wrap for Erin.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

Yep,I'm with everyone else. We stopped wrapping our DS at about 4 months, but started again just recently (now almost 6 months) cause he kept waking himself up by rubbing his face etc. Funny though cause we now have to use one of his bed sheets as the normal wraps don't fit him any more. He does sometimes bust out though if he is not wrapped tightly enugh but we are getting there.

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