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do you leave your baby in bed if they are awake but happy? I just checked on DD (10 weeks) and she's happy just laying in her bed. She is due to get up, i'm guessing she would be getting hungry, but she's just looking around at the different things in her room this morning.
I will probably give her another 5 mins, then go get her, just wondering what everyone else does.
[Edited on 04/06/2009]
my DD (13wks) has been doing this since she was bout 7wks old. I tend to just leave her until she cries out to me. I figure if she is lying there happily (babbling to her toys or just looking round) then why disturb her? babies wont let themselves starve they will cry ween hungry


My daughter use to do that, she is now almost 2 and while she is happy I still leave her lying in bed until she calls out. I agree, while they are happpy why distrub them.
They are amusing themselves so its great to let them.

Totally agree; I think it's great that she's waking up happy as opposed to waking up crying hehe. My lil usually gets up at 7am every morning but on the days he gets up earlier, he lies in his cot babbling to himself and looking around. I let him do that until 7am (or until he gets bored and starts calling out). As long as they're happy, let them be (and mummy gets a little extra rest).
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