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for those that read my sleep "vent" Lock Rss

I know how you feel, you have done a very hard thing tonight, hard on you, not so much her. She will forget in a hurry, and I tell you she will love you just as much. My Dh used to have to hold me down to stop me from going to them before the allotted time, man 4 mins is a long time when they're crying.
It should only take you a few days unless she is very stubborn, and then you won't know yourself. Good Luck, and remember it is tough to start with, but it will get easier smile
emma i had to log in just to say. good on you!!! its damn hard when you do CC but sometimes i think its all you can do. well for me anyway lol. i done it with jack and it worked so well, the first night was horrible, second pretty good. then it just kept getting better.
i really wish i had done it soooo much earlier with rhylie instead of giving in straight away. he used to go hysterical to and cry mummy mummy. i felt sooo mean and would end up in tears myself. in the end i decided that if i had let them go for that long i couldnt give i, or i was just mean and upsetting him for nothing.

you sound like you have done a great job!!!
Posted by: Iziani
I have done the softy's version of CC. At Ashlee's age, if she is still hysterical after 4 or 5 minutes I would go in an give her a pat and soothing word. That said, if she really escalated early I would go in, or if she was starting to wear out I would leave it a few minutes more and hopefully she will stop.

You are in for an absolutely vile time for a while but please don't think you are being mean to your little girl. If you are exhausted, imagine how she must feel not to mention the anxiety she goes through every night because she cannot settle by herself. Just keep visualising how lovely it will be for her to wake up and then snuggle down by herself to go back to sleep. By being strong now, you are giving her a wonderful gift in the long run.

I think exactly what she thinks Em!

It sounds like you have chosen the path to take - Just remember short term pain for long term gain and stick to your guns now you have made a commitment to it

You are a fantastic mum above all else and don't forget it - reading what you write you always have your daughters interests first and foremost!!! Good Luck for the next few nights ... it won't be easy but I know you can do it and when you and Ash are getting full night's sleeps every night you will see how well worth the effort has been! xoxxo
Emma well done on taking this first step. Tonight will be the hardest and once Ashlee knows you mean business she will stop "demanding" the feeds and waking. Best of luck for tonight it will/does get easier smile

[Edited on 10/06/2009]
Keep strong Emma! It is damn hard, and does break your heart, but just remember you are not doing this to be horrible or to be the big bad boss.
If this is something you truly need to do, not only for your own sanity but Ashlee's as well, then stay strong with what you have decided. Don't let anyone judge you or make you feel bad for your choices either-having no sleep for 18 months will push anyone to breaking point.
While this will seem truly horrendous at the time, it will not hurt her in the long run. I don't believe CC is harmful if it is a) only done for short periods (ie children are not left to scream for hours over periods of months and months as in neglect etc)and b) they have a loving and caring environment daily-they KNOW they are loved and cared for.

It will be hell, but in the long run it will be worth it for you and Ashlee, so stay strong.

Good luck Emma. Remember you wear the pants in your family, Ashlee wears the nappies. You're the boss.
DS screams hysterically from the moment i lay him down. but i dont do controlled crying, i dont go back in there at 1 minute progressing intervals. the reason for this and it may sound harsh is as my pead explained it, it can sometimes end up taking longer as they think 'mummy comes in eventually' iykwim.

DS took 20 minutes the first time, then it was 10 minutes the 2nd night, 3rd night was about 2 minutes and 4th night no crying at all...................then he got that darn ear infection n we went str8 back to square 1.

have done it the last 2 nights (tonight will b night 3) 1st night was 20 minutes plus, last night about 3 minutes, we've just got home from my nephews birthday party, but am about to feed him n put him down. he has also slept thru till 7am both nights, which i can not believe my luck!

Hi Em,
Good luck tonight. Stick with the routine and in a few days you will wonder why you didnt do it sooner. But it is hard work initially and you seem ready to take the challenge.
Fingers crossed smile

Well done!!!!!!!!


Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

Its not uncommon for little ones to vomit or poo either from crying or as an attention thing. All you can do is change the sheets with no eye contact/talking etc and she'll get the message that it wont get her any extra attention.

Just pop some towels down or double sheet the bed so you just have to strip off a sheet rather than taking off and putting new one on.

Good luck! Be strong. Remember sometimes it gets worse after a few days when they really try and break you, but if you can push through it, and dont give in then its much easier after that smile]
hi ladies

thanks for the reassuring words.

well she woke up about 20 minutes ago and i let her go as she was just whinging. after about 10 minutes she stood up and was starting to get upset so i went in, gave her a cuddle and a drink of water and held her until she was almost asleep. i put her down and gave her a quick pat and left the room.
she cried so i waited a minute and then went back in and did the same again.

she's crying again now but there are breaks in between the cries and its not an urgent cry so im logging back on to here to try to keep me from running in there.
im going to go back in in a minute but i keep caving and picking her up because she refuses to lie down and just latches to me like a koala.

she was grabbing my top and trying to pull it up and saying "mummy...boobie" in between crying and i would say "no darling. no boobie" and she would throw her head into my shoulder and sob.

oh i feel so scummy sad

your doing a great job emma, just think it will all worth it when she realises and just goes to sleep without a fight. your not scummy you should be very proud of yourself.

ok well in the time it has taken me to write that post, it appears she has fallen asleep.
thank goodness!
i feel like i have just betrayed her sad but hopefully it will pay off in the long run.

i guess i'll try to go to bed now! thanks again for the support.
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