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for those that read my sleep "vent" Lock Rss

Em stay strong.
Go in and gently lay her down without talking then in a firm voice tell her its 'sleep time, good night Ashlee'. And walk away, you can do it Em. Stay positive and stay firm.
Ashlee will be testing how far she can push you, as someone said before 'you wear the pants in the family and she wears the nappies'.

Be strong, we all have faith in you.


Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

Good luck, I will be watching this space to see how things went.

As the PP have said, if you have a moment where you feel cruddy, just imagine how much more she will enjoy her well rested, energised mum who has had plenty of sleep. Not to mention how much better she will feel having had a good night herself.

Hi Emma

I read your thread the other night, but didn't respond because i didn't know what i could say.
When DD got medication for reflux, she slept 12 hours each night rarely waking up, so I knew I couldn't be much help!

But when I saw this, I wanted to respond.

It is great to see you having a go at something to try to get YOUR life back to the land of the living.

I can't remember who it was but i loved the comment
"you wear the pants, ash wears the nappies" funny but true!

I hope it doesn't take her too long to work out that the boobies are gone at night! I hope she is still asleep, and that you are enjoying your sleep!

fingers crossed for you for at least 6 hours straight, 7 tomorrow and 10 thereafter!

Way to go Ashlee for sleeping on your own!
Good job Emma!!!!!! It must of been so hard... My DD2 does exactly the same, wants boob to go off to sleep and if i lay her down with nothing as soon as i leave the room she goes into hysterics like something is terribly wrong... i wish i could do what you did! I just don't know how long to leave them though. Hope she slept through for ya, although they say it takes 3 nights

Congrats Emma on being so strong. We go through the same thing but we have been great for the last week not even a whimper, even at nap times. Be strong it all pays off for you and for her in the end.

Good morning everyone.

thanks so much for all the congrats and good lucks for last night smile

after she fell asleep again from waking at around 10.30pm i didnt hear her again until 6.30am!
So either she slept the rest of the night through, or i was too darn buggered to hear her cry LOL
DH doesnt remember hearing her either so im going to go with the first scenario and assume she slept from 10.30pm til 6.30am!!!

First thing she did was run into my bed and have "boobie time" as we call it and i couldnt have been happier to give it to her - she deserved a nice comforting feed after being rejected last night LOL

so thanks again for giving me the strength to say no and hopefully tonight is a repeat of last night!
Well done all!!

Just keep it consistent and persistant..
There'll be moments where it's really tough and you feel gutted at hearing Ashlee cry, but you've just got to tough it out - go make yourself a cuppa or read the next few pages of your book - next thing you know, she'll be out for the count!

But good work for staying strong and gettin some much earned rest!!

Just keep it up and you'll soon be getting a decent sleep every night!
hi there
we did a form of sleep "training" (it wasn't really controlled crying cos we didn't have to time it or go back in at intervals or anything). a sleep consultant came to our house to help us with it.

my DS was 8 months at the time but i would assume it would be the same with a child that is a bit older.

when she cries, do the cries sound the same all the time, or does she constantly change pitch and make odd sounding cries? and does she pause every now and then as if she is listening for you to come back?

we had to listen for the above - the different cries were him testing out which one would make us come back in (NOTE: if he was crying in distress or pain we would never just leave him there, we can tell the difference quite easily, and we know that if he wasn't crying just before we put him in bed then he isn't suddenly going to be in pain when he put him to bed).

it took about 10 mins for him to fall asleep the first night and he slept thru every night for 8 weeks after that, then he started teething so we had to get up a few nights, but now majority of the time he sleeps thru from 6.45pm til 6.30am. the longest he cried for was 40 mins, but that was only twice, and we had the sleep consultant on the phone when that happened and she reassured us his cries (she could hear him lol) were not distressed or painful cries, he was just trying everything to get us back in there.

now he will only cry if he is overtired. most times when we put him down he will lie there and play with his blankie for a minute before he just drops off to sleep. even when he learnt to stand up in his cot it didn't cause a problem.

aawwwww don't feel bad you did the right thing, its just that she was so used to having boobie for comfort it was a big change for her but she will get used to going to sleep on her own and she will never remember grin

you are v brave for doing this by yourself! the only way our 2 kids learned to self settle as toddlers was my DH had to do the CC - i couldn't bear it.

so well done! and if it works for you it will make the world of difference. both my kids at bedtime now (14mths and 2.5yrs) just need a quick story/feed/cuddle and then i pop them in bed wide awake and say "sleepytime, mummy loves you, see you in the morning" and they roll over and go straight to sleep. its well worth the effort!
well done. look CC is not easy. everything in your body is designed to go comfort your child, but let's not forget that babies work out at a very young age that crying = mummy coming to get me regardless of whether they need sleep or not. this whole attachment parenting thing may work for some, but i need my sleep & to be honest I only ever had to use CC a handful of times before both my children knew better & they have been terrific sleepers ever since. it's not like you're doing this every hour, everyday for ages. it will take a couple of times & they learn what to do. you did what you needed for your child. more power to you! fingers crossed the sleeping improves for you!

How did night 2 go???
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