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Hi girls!
My bub has just starting sleeping at night and not needing an early morning feed but he is still waking.
For example: He goes to bed at 7pm has a dreamfeed at 10.30pm then he wakes at about 3am and needs to be resettled then he has been waking at 5am and needs to be resettled again then normally he will wake at about 6.30am.
When i used to feed him between about 2-3am that was the only time he would wake and he would go through till about 6.30am.
He definately does not want the early morning feed but how do i get him sleeping through?
Or is there a reason fo him waking i have ruled out nappy cold/hot?????
Or do babies continue to wake cause they are used to it until they get a little older.
when people say their bub sleeps thrugh does that mean without waking at all?
i hope i have just made sense.
Any suggestion would be great thanks in advance

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

I can only speak for myself, but when I say he has slept thru I mean that I haven't had to get up or go in to him until the morning. I sometimes hear some burbling if he wakes up, but he usually gets back to sleep ok. This is what usually takes a bit of practice and help. They don't always know how to get back to sleep. My ds slept thru the night on his own from 10weeks, but then at about 6 month started waking and kind of forgot how to get back to sleep and suddenly I was getting up 3/4 times a night and feeding him as I thought he was hungry. I got some advice from the 'Huggies Mums' and used the method on this site to teach him how to get back to sleep. This took a couple of nights and he's been good as gold since.
When you go to resettle is he crying or just awake?
If he's not too worried I would try and leave him, see what happens. You seem to be doing the right thing anyway, by just re settling without feeds. Sounds like he wants to sleep thru really, just wakes sometimes! If you are not getting enough sleep and need to try a new approach there are heaps of threads on here to give ideas or this site or books!
Sorry for all the waffle, good luck, let us know what you are doing...

Jen and 13mth Harvey

well when i say 'slept through' i mean not waking..she does 7pm till 7am..she used to wake twice for feed, maybe one feed but since a week ago she's sleeping through..
That is a tough one. DD was still feeding four hourly at 5-6 months (well to 10 months actually - lol), lots of growth spurts and teething too in that period. I do think there comes a point where they do/can wake out of habbit, but not sure at when you can link it to that. Generally from 6 months on things like control crying are suppose to be effective, depending what you are prepared to do.

I call sleeping through when I put DD down at night (7pm) and she doesn't wake at all until the morning (7am). I didn't dream feed often, but when I did - didn't count it as bubs actually waking up. DD didn't sleep through till 10 months when I control cried - been nearly 3 months of full sleep throughs too now - YIPPEE !!!

Has your bub had any teeth yet? That can certainly wake them and make them irritable, to the point they don't really know what they want. Do you go in to bubs as soon as he wakes? I use to do that, till suggested to leave DD for a few minutes to give her a chance to self settle. Its good you can resettle your bub, although be nice for you if he did it himself.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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