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Night sleeping Lock Rss

My darling DS is 4.5 months old. Since last Monday he has gone from a happy baby who slept at least 10 hrs per night, to a whingy baby that wakes almost 10 times per night!
I am not sure what is wrong. Last Sunday (2/4) we had his Christening as he was up from about 11am, with only little sleeps throughout the afternoon due to the noise. At 5pm he crashed and slept though to 5am the next day. Since then, he has been waking heaps during the night (sometimes hourly) and he is not drinking all his bottles throughout the day.
Has anyone else gone through this? Could it be that he is teething, wanting solids, or just something that all babies of this age go through?
any advice would be appreciated!

Yvonne, WA, Beautiful Baby Boy 29/11/2005

hi there, it could be almost any of the things u said,. Id try eliminating them all. put him back inot routine, fel his gums for sdome lumps. the not drinking his bottles sound slike teething. perhaps some bonjella a lil before the bottle might numb his gum sos its not so painful to suck.
hope it all worsk out for u soon.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

hey sweetie your bub sounds exactly like my 5 month old.she has always slept through but the last 3 weeks have been so umbearable we started controlled crying last night.she had an app. with the health nurse today and as soon as she looked in Lillies mouth she told me there was 2 teeth on the bottom that would come up within a week and she said that ALL of her top ones are there waiting..
i was so stunned it explains so much,i had rubbed her gums and i couldn't feel anything or see it until the health nurse pulled her gums right down and it looks so painfiul

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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