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How long did it take...... Lock Rss

for your bubbies to get used to 1 sleep a day. I have recently dropped my 11 month old DS to 1 sleep a day, as his catnapping was getting even worse!! I'd usually get 2x20minute naps out of the day & he'd often be difficult to get down at night also. He was happy in between his sleeps & his afternoon sleep was next to impossible to get him down, so I decided to try 1 sleep. Now he's sleeping a full 40-45minutes, but that's it. I'm assuming it's just a transitional thing?? What was it like for you & how long does it last?? TIA!

Hey, my DS is about to turn one and about a month ago i moved him to 1 sleep also!! Though he more or less did it him self, he wakes at around 7-7.30 and would go down for his nap at 10 for 2 hours sweet as, but then he used to have an hour at 3. but this just stoped, nothing i did would get him to sleep at 3 again. So we started going out in the morning, i found if i kept him entertained in the morning he wouldnt get grizzly for his nap till around 1. so we go for walks, go swimming, have joind playgroups and music groups then come home have lunch and put him down for his nap from bout 12.30 to 2.30. Its worked for us, and is working for a few of my friends with bubs a similar age so its somthing to try anyway!!
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