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Co sleeping and night bottle questions.. Lock Rss

my 10 month old sleeps in our bed at night, which is fine, works well for us , but still wakes at bout 11pm for a feed. Have tried everything to drop this one, but nothing at all will calm her unless its her milk, which she drinks very quickly then drops back to sleep straight away. SHe wakes again at 5.30, same routine, then sleeps till 6.45am. She sleeps great in her cot during the day for her naps, but i am wondering if anyone has has a similar experience with the night feeds. She is lactose intolerant and on soy milk, has 3 full meals a day, plus afternoon tea.. Should she be this hungary?? hmm i am confused... She still gets through 5 240 mls bottles a day.. should i be dropping this down?
My DD is three and still wakes up to go to the loo and get a milky!
DS is 15months and some nights he still wakes up for a milk too, so if it were me, I certainly wouldn't worry about it..
It sounds like a bit of a habit tho...

I think at this age, DS was down to about 4 bottles of 200ml, but maybe the soy milk is thinner? So yeah she might be hungry??

Have you tried lactose free milk? Liddell's do it and I think the other brand is Zymil..
We tried DD on a lactose free diet a little while ago and the Liddell's brand was very good - even do lactose free cream!

Anyhoo, I don't think it's anything to be worried about.
I don't have any advice for you really, but if it makes you feel any better, my 11month old DS still wakes up for a bottle!! He's very similar to yours in that he'll have a bottle around 11or 12pm. Some days he'll wake up again at 6am for another one, other times he'll sleep through that one. Like the PP mentioned said also, I wouldn't worry too much. Some babies just need that extra. Keep up with the food & drink during the day & hopefully both yours & my fingers will be crossed that they stop soon!!

Hey again, if i was you i wouldnt worry about it. My DS is about to turn 1 and is still wakeing between 2-3 every night for a bottle, and again between 5-6 then sleeps through till 7.30 unless dad is to nosey in the morn!!!
Ive copt alota slack from extended family that he shouldnt still be wakeing, so tried to reduce the amount of milk i gave him at the night feeds, but any less than 150ml and im up in an hour to make him another one!!
so i just think some babys are more hungry than others, theyll grow out of it adventlly, hopefully sonner rather than later
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