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Pls help me! Hates cot & wont sleep during day Lock Rss

Hi ladies, I have a few issues in this essay, can someone pls pls help me!

My son is 8 months old and since cutting his first tooth 7 weeks ago (he now has 6 teeth in total) he will not go to sleep in his cot. He use to love his cot before getting teeth and I could put him down in it and he would put himslef off to sleep. But now even as you walk into his room he gets a bit funny and as soon as you lie him down he starts screaming. I often just tuck him in and leave him but he screams and coughs, then sounds like he is choking.
I have tried staying in there patting, reading, singing to him but he wont have a bar of it. I have also just left him to scream but its gets ridiclious. I pick him up and a few mins later he is toatlly fine. I can rock him in his pram and he will go to sleep but only for exactly half an hour. So during the day he only has two half hour naps. He wakes up crying and bloody cranky.
So trying to get him to sleep at night is terrible as he is over tired and it may take 4 hrs to get him to sleep and then we can transfer him to the cot. If he wakes in the night he puts himself back to sleep in the cot.
So Whats the Story?????
He is on three solid meals a day plus snacks and he is breastfed.
When he breastfeeds now he is not calm at all, he is throwing his arms about, and kicking, Im guessing this is because he is tired?? Or he will suck for a sec, sit up look around, come back for a suck, sit up and on it goes.........

So please can someone shed some light as to what Im doing wrong, I really need to fix this as I am not coping well at all.
Regards and many thanks.

Hey at around 7-8 months my DS did the same thing. He just wouldnt sleep in his cot, drove me bonkers!! i tryd everything i could think of, but i could lye him down on my bed and hed drift off to sleep fine (so figured it wasnt an actual sleep prob just him and the cot), so i moved the cot back into our room didnt work, i took one of the sides down and had it ryt up to me kinda worked but not really. then when he was 10 months old we moved and we have a few spare foam matresses that i didnt know were to keep, so i staked them in his room on the other side of the cot and put some blankets over them. then one morning after id tryd to let him scream i pickt him up and lay him on the matress with me, seriously aslep in secounds, so from then on i gave up and he slept on the matress. wev since brought him a bed with a trundler, and he sleep on the trundler so is low to the ground if he falls off!! People think its abit strange when they come over and see two beds in my 1 year olds room insteada a cot, but you gota do what you can for some sanity!! an hes safe and hapy sleeping in a bed. hope this has kinda helped, or reasured you that your not the only one an maybe you could try takeing his matress out of his cot and see how you get on??
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