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How does your bub fall asleep? Lock Rss

Hi all, i was just interested to know how you babies fall asleep. My dd has a bath, bottle and then cuddles and bed. She usually has a 5 minute grizzle and falls asleep, she has no dummy at all (i hang for the day that she goes straight to sleep with no grizzle). Does anyone elses bub have a little grizzle before falling asleep?
Yes my DD always has a grizzle LOL its good in a way cause we know she is ready to sleep just putting up a fight grin

for a start YAY for u getting ur DD sleeping without a dummy!!! i regret the day my sis bought one for my DD.

my DD grizzles a lil wen put in her cot, but then she grabs her sheet and rubs it on her face and dozes off, must be a lil comfort thing for her but hey if it floats her boat wateva!!!

but definitely a grizzler, we always joke that she has to whinge herself to sleep!

My DS has a bath, into his sleeping bag, a bottle then bed. He will either have no grizzle and straight to sleep, a little grizzle and then sleep or a major grizzle then sleep. He has a bear that he sleeps with too that he talks to and mouths while going to sleep. We have been doing this routine since birth and he is now 8mo, so you would think he would just go to bed and straight to sleep, but noooo, it wouldn't be fun without a grizzle or two!!
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