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Who's baby over 6 mths still wakes for feeds? Lock Rss

Hi Amanda
You made me feel a bit better when i read ur post!
Im sure that your daughter will grow out of it too. Sooner or later they have to realize that it is sleep time and not feed time! My nephew is 14 mths and he still wakes 2 or 3 times a night.He doesnt even have a bottle though, he just wakes up! As you say they will grow out of it eventually and they arent babies for ever.
Heres hoping aye!! i used to be upset that she would wake up for feeds and wouldnt sleep through the night but i just put it down to one of the joys of motherhood!

I suppose the reason im okay about it is because i cant remember what a full nights sleep is like!!
time goes so fast i'm sure she'll be sleeping better before i know it!

I've always been curious as to who invented the saying "he/she is sleeping like a baby" i think it must be someone who has never had a child!! (or a child like mine!!!)
Hi Lara

My little girl is 6 months and although she is a prettty good nightime sleeper she still wakes for an early morning sleep I used to always get up feed her too but since I have started sothing back to sleep she is now not waking till about 5-6 am and is drinking heaps I always try to calm her first but she really wants her feed and I hear her little tummy grumbling. If you try to sooth her back again and she gets to upset I suggest feed her. As Keisha is still in our room I am able to soother her before she has the chance to wake up. It is working as she wakes up less now. Good luck


Annette WA mummy to Keisha 080304 & Thehan 200307

It's nice to know there is other mums awake allnight along with me! 0:)
Paige is 71/2 months and can get up every hour some nights, mostly she is up every 3-4 hours for a feed and will not resettle untill she gets one, I've done the controlled crying thing....and failed terribly, I ended up asleep on the floor with my hand in the cot for her to just stop crying for ten minutes!, I've tried the patting, music & a night light, still no success with sleeping through the night, even if I take Paige to bed with us she still wakes every 3-4 hours for a feed.
My mum says it's pay back cos I was up twice a night until I was 2 & would not go back to sleep until I got a drink.
I would love an easy answer!!!!!!
I'm desperate for a good nights sleep!
just think it won't be to long and we will all be up all night looking out the window for our kids to make it home after parties or dates!
I think I may get some sleep when she moves out & gets married, so about 20+ years then! yay

HI Jelli

Well, ive been having a little bit of success lately. I am down to 1 or 2 night wakings.(hey, a lot better than 4 or 5). One thing that you could try is gradually cut down on the amount of milk you give her, until its pretty much down to nothing. If after this she still wakes out of habit just try the patting. Worth a try anyway. It could take a week or two
Thanks for your suggestion Lara, I will give it a go
I'm glad your getting a little more sleep, have some for me !


I'll let you know how it goes


My little man was waking every hour on the hour for a month when he was 5 1/2 months.He refused to go to sleep until I breast fed him,Iwas exhausted. So Ikept looking on the net for ideas, I finally decided to buy It's time to sleep DVD. I have'nt looked back.He slept through the first night and is still sleeping through. He has longer day time sleeps as well instead of cat naps. It was $39.95 but I would've paid alot more at the time for sleep.
Good luck.
my girl is now 15mths old and still wakes up for feeds, she can have anything up to 6 bottles of a night, we have tried every thing except a sleep clinic, which is now our only option.
Its does drive me bonkers, especially me with another baby due in jan.
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