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help me im going insane! Lock Rss

ok heres my dilemma...
i have a 8month old baby boy who is still waking 3+times in the night...this has been going on forever. im at my wits end now! he usually wakes for 2 bottles in the night and wakes 1-2 more times just for me to put the dummy back in. i know he should be getting around 10-12hours sleep a night, but how do i get him to have that? i wouldnt even mind just getting up once to feed.
sometimes when he wakes, i give him a bottle, and he wont go back to sleep. so hes wiiiddee awake whinging/laughing/squealing/crying....
i guess its my fault as i always give in to feeding him, i just dont know if i could deal with the controlled crying thing during the night.
Hi there,

Have you tried controlled crying at all or are you just thinking that you would be able to stand it?
Dont worry i know wher you are coming from, my 1year old daughter wakes in the very early hours of the morning, not for a feed but just wants to get up. We are on our third night of cc and its getting better, its really not as hard as you think. She is now re-settling her self in about 10mins whereas before it would be at least 30-45mins of grizzling/crying/whinging. Iam also trying this through the day as she is a catnapper big time and has decided that she now doesnt want her afternoon sleep. I actually find it harder to do the cc in the day than at night because im so tired at night it takes my mind off the crying!

Give it a go, and dont worry the checky little things will get the picture soon! They are alot more clever than we give them credit for!

Good luck and let me know how it goes.
Hi, I hope you are feeling ok. I understand where you are coming from and it is hard to know what will work for you and your baby. Controlled Crying wasn't exactly for me and mine but it did help sort some issues out. My husband helped out hugely, especially when I stopped the milk feeding at night. My husband (on his days off) would get up to our son and settle him. We gave him water in a sipper cup instead of milk. I also learnt not to turn any extra lights on or take my baby out of his all!! We always had a better night if my baby went into his cot awake at bedtime. I did stay and pat him to sleep, because that worked for me, and with time he did let me leave and he put himself to sleep. It was a hard time because he was my first baby and I used to feed him to sleep and then feed him all night whenever he woke, I didn't know any better and neither did he. Although it was hard, I'm glad I did it because he became a happier baby during the day and so did Mum because we were all getting more sleep. I hope you find something that works for you and your baby.

2 young children

Hi Amanda,

My DD was a great little sleeper from about 11 weeks, then all of a sudden she started waking through the night again. Complaining to a mother of two one day about my inability to cope with disturbed sleep, she suggested that I increase the amount of food (ie solids) my DD was given during the day. It worked like a charm for me; hope it is something you can try too..

As for the controlled crying thing, it is pretty tough to implement - I had trouble with it. Another fantastic Mum friend advised me that if I couldn't handle controlled cyring method, then make the nightime visits as boring as possible; no lights, no eye contact, no conversation/soothing words, just strict business. This also worked with Madison; she soon realised that there was no point in waking up at night bvecause I wans't going to play with her.

Qld, mum to Madison, born 25/5/05

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