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Settling @ 6mths of age Lock Rss

I have a 6mth old son, who still wakes up during the night for a feed. I have cut him back from two feeds to one at night which normally is about 3-4am.
I attended the day seminar at the "Sleep Settling School" at the Sunshine Hospital with Rhonda Abrahams and found it fantastic. I have now booked myself in for the night session, hopefully, breaking Joshua's habit of waking at all.
I am starting work again this Monday, full time, and would love to hear from anyone who has the same problem I have.

Jody & Joshua

Joshua,Vic, 16mths

Dear Jody,

I have a 6month old son and he is doing the same thing Joshua is doing.

I am and still dont know why he is still waking.. I have started solids as people told me he may not be getting enough. I have tried heaps of formulas and still nothing has changed..

I know that he is teething and i think that this is giving him some curry, so maybe this is the problem!!

Connor has only slept through the night entierly only twice.. It was nice but then I paniced as I wasnt use to him going through so I still never got a good night sleep...

Hope that you have more luck than me....

If you do please let me in on your tricks...


Tan,QLD,Connor 2, Mackayla 2wks old

hi jody,

Joshua sounds like my son who is also 6months. He use to wake at 12-1 and again at 3-4 but now i have been able to reduce him to just 4-5. Unfortunately i am also unable to help as i am in need of answers myself. I don't think Daewon has ever slept for longer than 8hours and it stinks when i hear of babies sleeping from 7-7.

Well i hope it all goes well and like tanya please let me in on your trick if they are successful. wink

I am hoping it will happen in time. smile

Sue & Daewon 23.03.2004

Hi Tanya
Thanks for your reply.
Beleive it or not, Joshua is actually sleeping through the night and has been for almost 4 weeks now. I attended a sleep settling centre and it has worked a treat. I put Josh on solids @ 4 mths of age as the bottle was just not enough. But I must say that I dont buy the canned muck anymore, I puree my own. It fills him up more. I have him in a routine now, bathed by 6.00-6.30 I then give him some solids and playtime for about 15 minutes. He is in bed by 7.00. I wake him at 10.30 for his last bottle for the night, feed him in his room and straight back to bed, no eye contact what so ever.
He now sleeps until 7.30 -7.45, sometimes I need to wake him as I am back at work now.
Try this, let me know how you go


Joshua,Vic, 16mths

Hi Sue,
I feel for you, Josh did the same.
I attended a sleep settling centre and it worked a treat. They were marvellous.
Josh no longer has a bottle after 10.30pm and generally sleeps until 7.30-7.45 of a morning.
It's hard work to get into a routine, but it only takes up to 1 week to break old habits with new. It is just repitition I guess.
Please also read my reply to Tanya.
He now know the terminology Ïts time to sleep"

Let me know how you go.



Joshua,Vic, 16mths

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