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HELP - advice needed on Tizzie HAll routine Lock Rss

I have just started the Tizzie Hall routine and am finding that my son cannot stay awake as long as she recommends (2 hours) is any one else having this problem if so how do you get your bub to stay awake? Fraser gets cranky with about 45 mins to go and I have to put him to bed approx 30 mins before I should, which then puts us out of whack cause he will wake up earlier than she recommends, I know I can hold off feeding him till the designated time but sometimes I just cant he is too hungry!!!! HHEELLPPP

Donna & Fraser (5 mnths)
I know it may sound funny but start bub on the routine before his actual age. This helps bubs that aren't used to staying awake for the recommended time get into the actual routine itself first then after he's happy with that slowly stretch out his awake times by 5-10mins every other day until he's comfortable with the 2 hours up. To help with the times for feeds if bub wakes early just use different things to distract him as long as possible, such as going outside or into a room he hardly ever goes in or use a dummy etc. Hope my ramblings made sense smile
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