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Screaming at bedtime Lock Rss

Hi Ladies

I am hoping somebody can help me. For the past 3 days every time i put my daughter to bed she screams blue murder. This happens whether i put her in the cot or lay down next to her in my bed, regardless of whether it is day or night. She is also waking every 45 mins - 1 1/2 hrs at night and screaming!! Its not like a hunger cry or anything, it is quite disturbing and i dont know what to do! I have been in her room for up to an hour resettling her, only to have her wake up 5 mins later screaming again! She is still having a bottle at night and plenty of milk during the day so i am confident she does not need any more feeds. I cant see any teeth coming up, and she hasnt been like this when teething before.Any ideas????
Hi Lara

Just a thought I had. A friend from my Mothers Group who had a similar problem. She tried Ngala sleeping and settling courses etc with no luck. Then she went to the chemist and they mentioned the baby might have silent reflects and they recommended Infants Friend which is also great for teething etc. She has no more screaming baby and everybody in the house is getting some sleep. It is just a suggestion but I hope it helps. Good Luck smile

also try taking her to the GP so they can check for an ear infection - these are really common and are often mistaken for teething

let us know how you get on


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Thanks Steph
We are going to the docs today, because something is just not right. Otherwise its a really bad bout of teething
Well, there is no ear infection.The doctor says she is probably going through an unsettled period.Yeah right, whatever that means!!!
Hi Lara, I've had the same problem!! Last night in fact. I even cancelled an appointment this morning because I thought that surely DS would need an early nap - from lack of sleep last night. But NOOOOO, he's still playing and I need a shower!! Last night DS (10months) woke at 1am, 4am,5am,6am and then finally at 7.30am!! Each time he was screaming histerically as you described. I eventually gave him Neurofen because I though he may have been in pain - but that was at 1am, and he still kept waking up - ?? He's done this before and it has lasted a few days, it's a mystery! All I can hope for the both of us is that it is short lived. Is your little one OK during the day? DS is fine, as if nothing happened (parents are a bit haggered though!) I hope it ends soon Lara - at least you know you're not the only one suffering! Good Luck.
Hi XMum

Its really weird how they do this. Tayla is not as bad during the day, but the nighttime is fastly turning into a nightmare! She has done this once before when she was about 4 months, but it only lasted 2days. Hope things get better for you too
Hi Lara,

I went through the same thing with my son at about 7 months old. He always went to sleep on his own really well then started playing up when I would tuck him in then leave the room. It was really weird but I worked out it was probably separation anxiety. It is pretty common around that age and once they learn you aren't going to leave them they grow out of it. For us the solutuion was controlled crying. It took a couple of nights but as i knew there was nothing wrong with him, it made it a little easier. After the first night he got better and now he is totally over it. I know it's hard but it's just a phase and she will hopefully grow out of it soon enough. Hope this helps.
Hi Ladies
Well, i took Tayla to the doctor again (went to a different doctor this time) because something just did not seem right. Turns out she does have an ear infection and has been put on antibiotics. I do not understand how this could have been missed?????
Anyway, hopefully we are on the mend again
it was missed because a) he thought you were over reacting (which we know you weren't) and b) he is incompetant.!!!!

thankfully you have had it picked up now and she she be on the mend

Goodluck and big hugs (and well done for having the confidence in yourself to seek a second opinion)

Steph smile

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi Lara

I am so glad you listened to your own instinct and intuition and got a second opinion.
Hope Tayla gets better soon smile smile
Hugs and Kisses
Cheers Mel

Hi Mel
Whereabouts in WA do you live? Ive just moved to Thornlie, used to live in South Perth.
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