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dropped that feed(caution bragging) Lock Rss

i just wanted to let you all know that 2 nights ago Lillie dropped her dream feed!!!!
and the diffeence it has made to being able to go to bed before 10.30pm
i went in 3 nights ago and popped her bottle in and she just went ooooowwwweeeee
i went out of her room and though "oh gosh she'll be up at 2am wanting a feed"
but no she slept through and did the last 2 nights as well
it has made such a difference to my sleep as im waking up so happy to go and get her for our morning cuddles in bed with daddy
thanks for reading ladies

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Congratulations Mimmy !!! I hope you are celebrating with your trip to Geelong - you deserve it as really come a long way in the last month. Your little princess has certainly thrown a few challenges your way - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Wow you're lucky.

My 6.5mth old is still waking for another feed after the 10.30pm feed at around 2.30-5am. I've posted a thread requesting ideas for dropping that one first.

I think its just habit but I'm going to reduce the volume and then dilute it with water and see how that goes.

Natasha VIC baby's DOB 7/10/2005

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