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I couldnt believe it Lock Rss

hello mummys,ds normally goes to bed round 6ish.last night was the best i couldnt believe it he woz absolutley literally fighting to keep his eyes open at 5pm.i put him to bed and he woz out like a light at 515pm.i only had to go in once to put the dummy in at 930pm other than that he slept til 545am this morn.he must of been so tired.i dont know if its coz he doesnt want a arvo nap or coz of teething i just couldnt believe it.2nite he went down at 545pm.lets c how he goes tonight.sorry 4 bragging!
That is brilliant Rochelle - I hope it continues to work. Its funny cause nearly a week now I've been putting DD to sleep an hour early (fast asleep by 6.30pm). Its so nice as I actually get to watch Neighbours and now Big Brother - yippee !!!! LOL She is still sleeping till 7am - gosh I am so lucky. I think kindy has some-thign to do with it as she is just so much more active/stimulated in the day time - buggers herself out - lol.

ps I love these little bragging threads, its so nice to hear mums like yourself winning those little battles - good on you !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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