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Day sleeps please help... Lock Rss

My DS is 14 months and only has one day sleep which is fine as it used to be for about 2-3 hours, but this last week he is waking up upset after about 45 mins to 1hr.. I try resettling him then putting him back in his cot but he just gets so upset. So he can still rest and just chill I started laying him in his pram and when I went to check him as he was very quiet he had put himself to sleep, he has done that everytime. Im just wondering if any one has got any suggestions on maybe why he isnt able to resettle himself for his day sleeps in his cot any more...
[Edited on 18/11/2009]
Hi, this is just a suggestion as I have read it in a few books, but, if a bub goes from a long sleep (so resettling is not really the issue, cause they obvioulsy know how to do it if they are sleeping 2-3 hours) to suddenly not sleeping very long at all, then try moving the sleep to a later time so they are awake for longer before they nap. It seems strange, but I have read it a few times in different books. Also, having a clear waking up routine. I haven't tried this, but read it somewhere, so not sure if it would work. For example, if every time bub wakes up at the right time (meaning, he has had a good sleep), then switch on the light, say hello to toys, wave out the window at the trees, then walk out of the room to play, this will show bub that it is awake time. WHen he wakes up and he has only slept for one sleep cycle and he is still tired, don't do that routine. He will learn that it is still sleep time. ANyway, good luck! I would love to hear how you go. My DS is almost 1 and has just started to have bad day sleeps.

Hi, thank you.. smile Well yay, most days my little man is back to his 2-3hour sleeps.. Hey we still have the odd day here and there where he doesnt but that is very very rare now... Funny thing is, in the end I just went with it I didnt change anything and he just started sleeping longer again. smile
With moving his sleep later, thats what we done when he first dropped his other sleep,well sort of we brought it into the middle if that makes sense, he wakes in the morning between 7-8 he used to sleep at 10 and then 2ish and now most days he is in his cot by 1. Who knows why he wouldnt re settle in his cot but move him to his pram and he would drift straight back to sleep... I suppose its just on e of those things.. smile I do really like the idea of the wake up routine sounds fantastic, definately going to start that even though sleeping seems to be back to norm at the moment (knock on wood), just think its a lovely idea.. Well thank you again and hope your DS sleeps are going ok.. smile

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