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does anyone else have these dreams? Lock Rss


Does anyone else have their baby in their dreams to the point that it seems so very real?

Just about everynight I dream that our little girl is co-sleeping with us (in reality she is not) and that she either tries to roll/crawl her way out of our bed or one of us will roll over her and squash her!

Apparently I always tap my husband or prevent him from rolling over while dreaming it is our baby!

Am I losing it completely? My little girl is 7 months old today and have been having these dreams most of the time since she has been born.

Any explanaition or similar experiences most welcome (no matter how bizarre!)

many thanks,

I doubt you are loosing it 'completely' maybe just a little - lol. KIDDING of course !!! Depending on what your thoughts are with dreams, my ideas may not be some-thing you agree with. Thought I'd put it up anyway, just for some-thing else to think about.

I believe that when you wake up and remember your dreams, that its more a semi-conscious thought - not some kind of 'sign' or spiritual warning of any kind. I do believe that some dreams can have some kind of meaning, however, do think when you can remember a lot about your dream or it seems so vivid/real when you suddenly wake - that its more your mind processing concerns or worries (thoughts etc). Does that make sense? Its kind of hard to explain in writing.

There must be some reason that the co-sleeping is in your thoughts. Did you do it initially? Have you strong feelings about it, for example, against it? Is a friend doing it? It kind of sounds like it is a fear of yours, squishing your bub (whether its co-sleeping or napping together etc).

I have more dreams and remember more of them these days, but I put that down to not really sleeping soundly. I am always keeping an ear out for DD and often waking even if very briefly thought the night (when I hear a noise etc). I find my mind seems to be constantly processing or thinking, of course, mostly about DD.

Anyway, I wont blab on too much more. Just thought I'd put up a few different ideas and see if any of it hits home or not.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hey SJ,

I use to have these dreams every night in the earlier months when I was breastfeeding my son through the night. I would wake up with my arms in the nursing position and freak out when I couldnt feel my baby in my arms, just to look over and see him sleeping in his cot. Or I would wake suddenly in the middle of the night and shove my palm into my fiances back to stop him from rolling on what I thought was our baby.
Its amazing how real it seems I would search the whole bed sometimes and check my chest and neck all the time thinking that I had fallen alseep while he fed off me. I found that I dont have them anymore since I stopped B/F are you breastfeeding? If so it could be that you are just so use to having her so close to your body??

smile I think we are pretty normal though, Im a bit of a stresser at the best of times, typical Virgo tongue

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