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only sleeping for an hour at the most during the day Lock Rss

My daughter is nearly 5 months. She has many sleeps during the day because each sleep she does have is only 40 minutes ao an hour at atime. I always try and resettle her sometimes she wakes crying other tiomes quite happy. I think the reason she has so ma ny sleeps is because she is not having a good sleep in the day. She can probably only stay awake for an hour at a time now and she is tired again. Any ideas? Shoud i be forcing sleeps on her at the same times each she knows..
Any suggestions would be appreciated
Babies do respond well to routines. My DS struggled to stay awake for longer than an hour too but you just have to find ways to entertain them. I try to keep him up for 2 hours and he tends to sleep a lot better then.
Generally he wakes at 7am, goes back to bed at 9am then again at 12.30ish and then a catnap at 4.30 if he needs it.
Hope this helps.

Juliet, Vic.

hi lucy,
my 7 week old is waking every 40 minutes too. apparantly that is how long their sleep cycle is. because mine is so young he just grizzles if i get him up, so i am trying to get him to go back to sleep. he does self settle to get to sleep, but for some reason after his first sleep cycle he just cant get back. sometimes he cries and i spend an hour going in and patting him other times he just lays there. i am terrified of the sleep cycle/cat nap as Tizzie Hall (sleep consultant) says that children who catnap through the day eventually have their night time sleeps affected. not trying to scare you, and i am not sure if this is true for all babies, but i am having a sleep consultant come into my house on monday to go through some strategies with me so this doesnt become a habit! at least your DS is happy after a little nap. perhaps keep her up a little longer to make sure she is tired before sleep (but not too overtired). gosh it is a science being a mum! good luck!

i agree with meeks
my bubs will only stay awake for 1 1/2 hors but because shes in a routine i pop her in the stroller or play games or give her a rusk,or a wet face washer etc to play with,anything really to keep her awake
she is nearly 6 months and has 3 sleeps a day
the first is at 9 am and is only for 45 mins
then at 12, she wakes at 1 but i try to resettle her till2
then she has an hour nap from 4-5pm,then bed at 6.30
i know how hard it can be at times


Lillie....1 year old!!!

I used to have the same problem with the short catnaps during the day and then grizzly baby. I started following the Tizzie Hall routine and stopped aiding her to sleep. I was giving her a dummy, wrapping her and patting her to sleep, so she didn't know how to self settle. It only took a couple of days for her day time sleeps to extend to over an hour. Now after 2mths on the routine she sleeps for 1.5hrs - 2hrs twice per day and then sometimes another short catnap in the late afternoon.

By 5 mths your daughter should be staying awake for 2 hours at a time in the morning and afternoon, try to keep her up by playing with her, moving her from room to room and outside seems to work with my daughter. And then when you do put her down she should be tired enough to sleep for longer.

I read on a website somewhere (sorry can't recall the doctors name etc) but babies dream a lot at this age (apparently dreaming is the minds way of filing information), REM sleep and their sleep cycles are 40mins. If they are put to bed before they are really tired they run out of information to process/file and then wake up a little refreshed but not as refreshed as after a long 2 hour sleep.

Hope this helps.

Natasha VIC baby's DOB 7/10/2005

Hi there,
My son is also nearly 5 months old.
He has always been a cat napper.but was a relatively good night sleeper.
Up until a month ago, that is.
Now he is still a napper and is awake almost all night as well.
It is an absolute nightmare!
Obviously Tizzie Hall is right, their night sleep is affected.
I am a walking wreck I am so tired!!
Have tried comp feeding with a bottle but it made no difference.
ANY IDEA'S??????????????????????

Vicky,NSW, 5.12.05

Hi all I know how you all feel my daughter who is 11 months old she has never really slept during the day except for when she was first born and that stop at 6 weeks and than she would stay awake all the time and it use to drive me insane. Jaye has a catnap at 10.30 and that normally lasts for 30 mins if im lucky and than she has another catnap at 12.30 or 1.00 and lasts for 40 mins and other one at 4.00 and than we get already for a shower and dinner and than bed.

Its been like that since she was 6 weeks old so we will never change but thats okay im use to it now.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi Lucy,
when Charlie (4mths) wakes crying after 40mins she needs more sleep and I resettle or she self settles(doesn't always work) and if she wakes happy I get her up and play. It's hard to stick to a routine so I just go on tired signs during the day but make sure she goes to bed the same time each night. She ends up having about 3 naps during the day and it's true if they sleep better during the day night time is a hell of a lot easier to deal with. Clinic nurse told me when she wakes after 40mins listen to the nature of her cries, if it's just whingey there's a good chance she will put herself back to sleep. Easy for her to say I know. Good luck girl!

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

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