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wot time does your bub wake?? Lock Rss

good morning mummys,

wot time do your bubs wake in the morning ready to start the ds has been waking at 5am but he has beengoing to bed at 53opm.wot bout everyone else?

My bubby boy goes to sleep at around 7:30pm or a bit before and wakes at 6am. He talks and babbles in his cot for about 15mins before his daddy puts him in bed with us and we all get up and start our day at 6:45 - 7am.
DS is pretty much sleeping through the night now after 6 months of night waking (4-5 times a night), so this arrangement works great for us smile
Hope all you other mummys are getting good sleep too.

Wow, 5am - that totally sucks. DD is around 7am - sometimes as early as 6.30am though. I pop in the shower when she starts to stir, or when I wake (if first). By the time I finish she is standing waiting for me to go in - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

my bub wakes up somewhere between 6:30 and 7:30, and goes to bed around 9:00 (sometimes later). Can you tell me, if I put her to bed earlier (say around 7) will that mean she wakes up earlier??

Sam and Hayley and bub

Taylah wakes between 8-9am goes to bed at 7pm shes 12 months old

Selene, NSW, JAKE 3 TAYLAH 1

My daughter goes to bed at 9.30 cause that when we hop into bed and she will normally stay a sleep til 5.30 when her dad is about to go to work and has a feed and goes back to sleep and willnt wake up til 7.30 sometimes or later depends on Jaye and how she feels.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi Jacksons mummy
My bub is 4 months old and wakes up between 5am and 5.30am every morning and nothing I do will put him back to sleep! He doesnt sleep through the night either even if he wakes at 4am for a bottle he is up in an hour to play. Bubs goes to bed bout 7 have you tried putting him down later at night. I know with mine I ve tried keeping him up later but gets too tired and still wakes up at 5!

Jess W.A, 4mth baby

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