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Stopping the early morning feed Lock Rss

Hi guys

Just wondering if anyone has any more suggestions as to how to get rid of the early morning 2am - 5am feed.

I'm following the Tizzie Hall routine for my 6.5mth old and she has slept through a few times since starting 2 mths ago. I feed her the 10.30pm dream feed which she sometimes wakes for, and then she wakes between 2am and 5am for another feed. I've tried giving her water and she settles for a little while but then starts carrying on again. She self settles very well nowdays after getting rid of the dummy, wrapping and me patting her.

I am thinking of slowly reducing the amount of milk given at that feed, say down from 180mls to 120mls and then 60mls over a few days, then maybe diluting with half water and then just water.

She is currently eating 3 good meals a day and I'm happy to continue the dreamfeed for a while. She is a very healthy 8.5kg and is developing at a great rate of knots.

I know that she really doesn't need this feed and its just habit.

Has anyone else had any experiences with dropping this feed, I'd appreciate any other ideas.


Natasha VIC baby's DOB 7/10/2005

Hi Natasha
What you have written is exactly what I would have suggested you do. I haven't had this problem but you might also find bubs waking coz it's starting to cool down a lot at night now. 4am is might to be the coolest part of the night so maybe add an extra blanket over bub after her dream feed. Good luck smile
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