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Change in sleep pattern at four months..... Lock Rss

My little one (4 months old) used to sleep from 7pm to 3am. I would then feed him and he would re-settle until 7am in the morning. Over the past week his sleep patterns have changed. He is now waking at 12.30 and then at 4 - 4.30. I feed him at these times as it only takes 10 minutes and he goes back down within a few minutes. I tried the 10.30pm dreamfeed one night however he still woke at 12.30. Does anyone have any advice. I would like to definately eliminate one feed, if not both. FYI - he is EBF.
Hi indie,

I have a 4 month old aswell, and I have noticed the same in the past week.

He self settles extremely well during the day, however, come 8pm bedtime and forget about it. He cries and cries, so I unwrap him and he is ready to rock on....gooing and gaaing!

He then has a 10pm feed and that one knocks him to sleep and then he gets up at 1.30am and then will sleep through to 7 - 7.30.

Give your baby the 10.30 dreamfeed, if he wakes up at 12.30 you need to resettle him without feeding him. There have been a few nights when my baby woke at 12, then 4 and then 6 in the morning. I rocked him back to sleep (i know thats bad) but I wasnt going to feed him at all those times.

My baby is breastfed aswell. Do you enjoy the breastfeeding? I love it.


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