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Flying with a 4mth old Lock Rss

Anyone with any helpful tips for flying with a 4mth old baby. We are flying from Perth to Melb which is only a 4 to 5 hr flight but if anyone has any helpful tips please post! (Am getting a little anxious!)

Kate, WA

Hi Kate,
I have not flown yet with my boys, but I have read different advice and have a friend who has gone to London and back.
Taking off and landing is usually when bubs get upset because there is pressure on their ears...and it does hurt. If you can be feeding them when taking off and esp landing it helps with relieving the pressure. Or if you can't feed, have them sucking on a dummy. Then keep them in thier normal routine with play and sleep. So when they are awake you can have a bit of fun and when bub starts getting tired hopefully bub will go to sleep in your arms. Check with the airline to see if you can book the seats that give you extra room (i think they are at the start of the cabin....I hope thats right)
If you think that bubs is teething make sure that you give panadol before you get on board so that pain relief has taken affect and again dose before landing.
And just remember that if there is an upset bub, all the passengers are strangers and you won't see them again...hopefully!
Hope you have a great trip.


Hi Kate
We flew to Sydney (from Perth) with our DS at exactly the same age. I - like you, was very anxious. We also had Daylight Savings to contend with!! We basically just flew by the seat of our pants (pardon the pun) on the way there with no problems. I was breastfeeding at the time, but don't like to get my boobs out in public, so he was happy to have a bottle of formula at take off. One trick that we did learn for keeping the bottle warm for 4-hourly feeds - boil the kettle before you leave home, if you have an insulated bottle carrier (keeps warm or cold) it's just right at feed time ie 4 hours later.
But I agree woth previous post - if you're flying Qantas, ask for the "bulkhead" seats. These are the first row (after Business Class damn it) and have little cots that attach to the wall - very handy! I'm pretty sure that Virgin is "get what your given", but call them re: bulkheads anyway.
But... on the way back, DS had a head cold - we reluctantly gave him Demazin to dry up his nose and he slept the whole way home (bad parents I know)!

Hope it helps!


Kerry, WA, DD 09/00 & DS 11/05

Hi there,

we flew with our little one for the first time from Adelaide to Perth when she was about 3.5 months old and teething!! I wasn't too sure either what to do and was anxious regarding the time differences. I had her feeding on take off as due to the inability for her to equalise the pressure and she didn't cry either on take off or landing. The excitement of it all kept her awake from the ride to the airport to the plane and finally fell asleep on descent and when we were disembarking from the plane! The only time she cried was during the nappy change in the toilets (the change table is very very narrow and there is no belt to restrain them). Initally when we checked in the Qantas staff told us there were no extra seats so we would have to put her on one of our laps, and then whilst we were waiting to board, another Qantas staff member managed to change our seats so we had a spare seat for her which was fantastic. Other passangers on the plane will be understanding of crying babies especially on take off and landing, just bring the things which are familiar to yoru little one like toys and blanket which has their smell or your smell to it. You will find that they will probably suprise you and travel better than you expected. Have a good trip and try to enjoy the expereince. It is amazing how much stuff they need to travel with and they are the smallest!!

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