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tizzie hall routines do they really wk Lock Rss

hi there i know this has been a much talked about topic by now but since my baby girl has gotton older well only will be 4 mths this week shes really changed and its dvg me crazy.i usw to think she was almost the perfect baby brst fed well slept well in day self settled great was pretty good at night to .but now since she has started cat nap in day its all changed.mid arvo i can usually settle her abck to get at least 2 hrs total sleep but shes so tired by 5pm she wants to go to bed which is ok as i have a 3 yr old and hubby wks she wont feed properly she gets grumpy and some nites can be up at least 3-4 just worn out and cant cope like this anymore living on almost no sleep with no help from anyone.and my son usually wakles at least once a night when my hubby is away .i had her on 3 hrly feeds but lately its gone to snacking here and there .i dont know wat to do as with my son i had no probs with.we get up about 6-630 in morn.then shes back in bed within an hr and has 40 min sleep.thinkin of lookin at tizzie halls book and see how that wks.have to keep in mind i need take son to his swimming classes once a wk drop & pick up from kindy twice a week and have his mums group.and get groc etc in between so can be a bit busy she hates the car and pram.we had prob the worst nite last nite so far where she was up and down from 130 on so not like her.any advise wld be great thanks.

shell 4yr old & 16mth


to me is sounds like your baby is over tired, shes gotten her self all worked up and can't sleep.

OK for ages i was reading everyone on here talking about tizzy hall so i went and bought her bookk for $20 from kmart it is good , but me personally i use a dummy and i don't let him cry for ages

Id say get it and read it , it's got some useful hints that might get you back ojn track and with your toddler she also suggests routines about babies and toddlers together. it has helped me as it gave me new ideas to try out.

like putting my two kids down at the same time after lunch so i actually 2hours to ME!!!! unheard of!!!

She just sounds over tired but babies arebusy .
Good luck!!!!!!!!!
id say buy the book and its up to you what you do but i helped me get my son to sleep 7 til7

teegan_wa_ cheyenne 26/10/04 & domenic10/2/06

HI Shelley,
I don't have any books as no major problems with sleeping, so can't help you with that. From the sound of it tho, I think you should try and get the feeds back to 3 or even stretched to 4 hours apart. At least then you will know when that needs to happen and can plan your day better. It's easy to get out of synch with them, and then everything seems to get out of control!
Just take it 1 step at a time and if you think the book will help, well it's only a few dollars!
Good luck, let us know how you go...

Jen and 13mth Harvey

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