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How can I stop bub from bumping her head on end of cot Lock Rss


Does anyone have a problem with bub waking up due to bumping their head on the end of the cot. My DD sleeps in a grobag and has her arms wrapped (will not go to sleep w/o having arms wrapped as much as I would like to get rid of it.) What can I do to prevent this from happening, as I am sure this is why she is waking, when I go in she is definately at the end of the cot. I usually just tuck her back in and she will settle, but last night she would not settle without a bottle. I do not want this to continue any suggestions would be appreciated. It feels like it has taken me so long to get her down to just one bottle in the night (530am), I don't want to go backwards. Last night she had two bottles, I am not going to do this again.

Any suggestions.

Have a great night everyone.

AJ WA 3 DD''s born 12/12/02 06/10/05 and 06/08

Hi AJT, I borrowed a product called safe-t-sleep from a friend , to stop one of my boys moving in the cot. It worked so well that I wanted to buy them, but they cost $89 each,so I got my mum to make them for me. The materials cost $30 to make 2.
Or if bubs is not rolling, just wriggling up the cot why don't you use a nappy pin to pin the bottom of her growbag to the sheet. She won't be able to wriggle up far enough to hit her head????
Hope some one can give you a tip that works.


Hi AJT, I have thesame problem with my 10 and half month hold. He is very active in the cot during sleep and ends up in all sorts of positions! I often hear him bumping his head on the end of the cot and Im sure too that this is what wakes him up. It may explain the unpredictable sleeps during the nght - no two nights are the same and we are quite sleep deprived as a result!!

I have been thinking about using a cot bumper - if I try it will let you know how it works Keep in touch with how you go too.

SA mum, Lis 17/6/00 and Harry 19/6/05

I just got it from an ordinary old baby shop. They can be hard to find, but if you look around you are sure to find one somewhere. Or try Ebay - seen a few for sale there. If you can sew and have the time I am sure they wouldn't be hard to make.

Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

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